concern about West village

Calabasas is known for its beautiful view shed and natural resources, including wildlife habitat, streams, wetlands and Heritage Oaks. Calabasas residents should know about the West Village, a proposed development where the story poles are. Here’s our chance to protect our community. The 101 Freeway is designated the historic El Camino Real, having federal recognition and marker bells along its […]

tree oK for now

It’s wonderful that the Agoura planning commission denied the drive-thru lane at Starbucks due to saving the old oak tree. Residents were very upset over the tree and also the additional traffic the drive-thru lane would cause. But then why did they approve the nightmarish monstrosity that is Agoura Village? Many more oak trees will be removed and over 20,000 […]

We need smaller starter homes

Your editorial last week expressed concern with the facts and history presented by Cal Lutheran economist Matthew Fienup, and hopefully our city leaders will see those facts and design the future around them. Housing follows the pattern of our lives. We start out with an apartment. Marriage introduces a family and soon children, and we require more bedrooms and a […]

Try not to take parenting so seriously

Parenting is both rewarding and challenging, especially as The Acorn so poignantly noted, there isn’t a primer. However, Mr. Reid’s letter to the editor calling into question the reprinting of the title of the tome, “Sh*t My Dad Says,” missed the point. I purchased this book upon publication in 2010. It is hilarious, irreverent, bawdy and entertaining. I suggest that […]

Homelessness could be helped if we all chip in

With regard to Keith Cornell’s letter and his lament about the homeless: I remember when America meant the Peace Corps. I remember when JFK said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Those are ideals that made America great. Those are ideals that can make America great again. All boats […]

‘Redistribution of wealth’ sounds noble on the surface

America was born not by accident. Rather, it was conceived by deliberate design in order to guarantee freedom and liberty and create an environment that nurtures creativity, self-reliance and responsibility and protects individual property rights. It is not by accident that America generated the highest standard of living on the planet. There is no doubt, however, that change is taking […]

Mad dad

So your editorial two weeks ago was titled “Primer on fatherhood not so easy to follow.” Well, I found it not so easy to swallow. “Sh*t My Dad Says”? Really? Can’t wait to dig into that one. And you found that book title funny? I think I have a pretty good sense of humor and I even use words like […]

Opposition to coffee drive-thru

It is one more absurd American idea to keep people in their vehicles, disregarding the effect on society and how it speaks to our present-day life style environmentally as well as a social gathering place. A drive-thru is a pollution and environmental disgrace. The vehicle-backup issues have already been addressed; therefore, I won’t go into what has been mentioned, just […]

Sensible solution to rodents

My husband and I are new residents of Westlake Village, drawn here by the beautiful rolling hills, abundance of wildlife and stellar community. We are both nature enthusiasts, and so it was extremely disheartening to read Carl DeBono’s letter in The Acorn a couple of issues ago. Carl’s letter described the harmful effects of rat poison, and the havoc that […]

Reminder to watch coyotes

On June 18 as my wife was going to work, she saw a distraught woman walking a dog and yelling loudly near Thousand Oaks Boulevard and Via Mirada in Westlake Village. They were being stalked by a large, aggressive coyote about to attack her small dog. It got as close as several feet from the pair when my wife put […]

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