Being smart about coyotes

This letter is in response to the Aug. 5 letter, “Worried about the busy coyotes.” Ms. Wagner stated that she has lived in Woodland Hills for over 60 years and lost one dog two months ago and another dog was recently attacked. While I sympathize with her on her loss, this is an important reminder that coyotes have, and always […]

Tips to avoid purse snatching

Each week we read and hear about purse snatching, especially in grocery stores. I do not take my purse with me when I go out, if at all possible. To leave the house to buy groceries, you usually only need to have a driver’s license ID, a credit or debit card and perhaps a rewards card. I push these cards […]

Pets and coyotes a dangerous mix

Terry Wagner (Aug. 5, “Worried about the busy coyotes”) asks why we are “standing around watching” as our pets become coyote prey. In fact, the greatest risk to pets becoming coyote prey is when their owners are not watching. Letting your dog outside without a leash and owner, or letting your cat outside at all, amounts to you offering your […]

Wild parrots not the problem

This letter is in reference to Walter Grand’s letter of Aug. 5 about his being inconvenienced by the wild green parrots that are apparently interfering with his life. Mr. Grand pointed out that the parrots are becoming quite “a nuisance.” He did not supply specific details, other than: “they are noisy.” He also questioned if anyone has been successful at […]

Much ado about race theory

Critical race theory states that U.S. social institutions are “laced with racism embedded in laws, regulations, rules and procedures that lead to differential outcomes by race.” Opponents fear that CRT admonishes all white people for being oppressors while classifying all Black people as oppressed victims. Some may recognize America’s racist past, but have bought into the false narrative that the […]

Says recall group is disingenuous

This week I received a solicitation in the mail from a group called Conejo Valley Cares requesting I sign a recall petition for Supervisor Linda Parks. It is ironic that a group calling itself Conejo Valley Cares would be about recalling Supervisor Parks, who has been a diligent, conscientious, caring public servant, trying in the last year to prevent the […]

Electricity and water, you lose

I recently received my electric bill and was surprised to see how much it has gone up. In reading the notices within I found out that I am paying for the wildfires and their loss due to the COVID-19 non-payment people. The politicians are taking credit for excusing those unable to pay their electric bill while I am paying mine […]

No cuteness with puppy mills

The cruelty behind the cuteness: Puppy mills may look innocent, but they keep the poor animals in horrible conditions. For example, some puppy mills have grate floors, so when the puppy pees, it goes to the floor. The puppies are usually infested with fleas. They are unbrushed and kept in cages so small they can barely turn around. They may […]

‘Patriots’ doing a disservice

I felt vindicated when members of our Agoura Hills City Council said that they believe Mayor Denis Weber violated the Brown Act by disclosing a virtual “enemies list” to the mob who showed up at the city to rail on behalf of Cronies. A few years ago when the fate of Chesebro Meadow was undecided, I made a California Public […]

State not helpful in housing crisis

Regarding California’s mandates to meet the housing needs of everyone in the state, requiring a city and county to adopt a housing plan as part of its general plan and to comply with the Regional Housing Needs Assessment: My comments are based on the problems our city has with respect to finding the appropriate space, available property, developers’ incentivize and […]

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