Thankful for new YMCA

The new Yarrow Family YMCA brings to our community a facility that we’re all proud of, one of the best facilities Westlake/ Thousand Oaks has to offer. Outside of a great pool and gym, etc., it’s a terrific place for families to play together and enjoy the sense of community we all love. In the past 30 yeas living in […]

Shouldn’t have to pay for graduation tix

My older son is graduating from Oak Park High School this week. Each family was allowed two tickets to the ceremony. I had to pay $20 to purchase tickets for my son’s grandparents to be able to attend the ceremony. I believe this is most inappropriate, and the community should know how the school district operates. Perhaps it would save […]

Says Morrison sheet is a shill for developer

A little over a week ago, a sleek publication was sent to homeowners in Morrison Ranch under the guise of a new magazine. Actually, it was an ad for one Realtor. On close examination one would find buried in the bowels of publication a push for a particular developer and a particular project. Every seamy device was used, from silly—“This […]

Put moratorium on Village until further review

At a recent “goal-setting meeting” with the Agoura Hills City Council, many of us entered full of hope but left feeling more like villagers with pitchforks and torches. Some said “no matter who we elect, the moment their backsides hit the chair they forget everything,” The biggest issue by far is the proposed review of the obsolete, more-than-a-decade-and-a-half-old, Agoura Village […]

Bridge presents problem for area bicyclists

One of the unfortunate events from the Woolsey fire was the burning of the Troutdale Bridge on Mulholland Highway. A temporary bridge was targeted to open on May 22. Unfortunately, it is a one-lane bridge that will cause significant logistical issues for everyone needing to cross it. We are extremely grateful that we will get a bridge, but this does […]

Takes hard line stance on death of P-47

In a populated, civilized area, the only good mountain lion is a caged mountain lion or a dead mountain lion. P-47’s death is, indeed, tragic. But not for the usual reasons the hysterical bridge folk will list: highways, development, urban sprawl, lack of connectivity. No, the reason this poor, beautiful, bloodthirsty, apex hunter suffered and slowly died in excruciating pain […]

Las Virgenes development prone to fire

As a resident of Calabasas, I consider myself and my neighbors stakeholders within our community. After experiencing the chaos and loss due to the Woolsey wildfire, I am frightened at the thought of more buildings being crammed into an already over-burdened watershed and scenic corridor. The story poles for the proposed West Village at Calabasas at Agoura and Las Virgenes […]

Taliban peace?

President Trump and the State Department cannot allow a peace deal with the Taliban. A peace deal with the Taliban would allow them to persecute minorities in Afghanistan such as the Hazaras. The Hazaras are an ethnic and religious minority. Atrocities against the Hazaras over the last century have been horrendous. The Pashtun majority, which is made of the ruling […]

Fallout from rodenticides

It’s simply unconscionable that 20 out of 22 cougars studied, including one 3-month-old kitten, have been affected by our stupidity and laziness in stopping the use of vile rodenticides. We should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing it to go on this long. It’s too bad we still have people like the Thousand Oaks pest control operator mentioned in your […]

Responsibility also belongs to cyclists

Auto drivers are warned to “share the road” and be courteous to cyclists. What about these cyclists obeying the rules of the road too. On a recent morning I was behind three cyclists waiting at the left-turn-lane signal at Thousand Oaks Boulevard onto Reyes Adobes. Fine so far. Then I noticed the female cyclist look about and toward her partners. […]

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