Observations about COVID-19

As for the efficacy of N95 masks, they do spec to filter 95% of particles larger than .3 microns. A word of caution though. The marketplace has been flooded with counterfeit N95 masks, so if you need to wear a N95 mask, make sure it is NIOSH approved. KN95 masks from China are not NIOSH certified. As for vaccine side […]

‘Vile’ reference to aliens

I am responding to an editorial letter of Aug. 26, “Vaccines and illegal aliens?” This has be one of the most vile letters I have ever read. As an American, I personally do not care what percentage of the COVID cases are illegal aliens. What I do care about is that Americans get vaccinated in larger numbers, business gets back […]

Mail box theft and elections

In the Aug. 26 Acorn, an article by Ian Bradley titled “Sheriff: Mail theft prevalent” reported on the rising theft of U.S. mail. The irony here is that in the same Acorn, the Secretary of State placed a full-page ad about mail-in ballot safety. The mail theft reported in The Acorn article is more sophisticated than just someone casually opening […]

Elder abuse and the recall

It’s very sad that the No. 1 candidate for removing Gov. Gavin Newsom is Larry Elder, with all his negative comments about women being mentally and physically inferior, and now his latest—he thinks that there shouldn’t be a minimum wage, I can just imagine the joy from the Walmart family. They had undocumented workers cleaning their stores after hours for […]

Masks ‘killing by the thousands’

Letter to the editor writer Pam Stringer’s letter of Aug. 19 states her opinion that masks don’t prevent the virus. Well, Ms. Stringer can have her opinion and behave as she wishes regarding masking, be that as it may. My issue is with her statement, “This is a human experimental shot, not a vaccine. We are the lab rats. This […]

Vaccines and illegal aliens?

In regards to the virus, when I read there is a big spike in infections or a big influx into the hospitals, I want to know what percent of these cases are American citizens and what percent of these cases are illegal aliens. Then, I want to know what percent of the American citizens in the spike or in the […]

Writer spewed misinformation

There is no question that blatant misinformation surrounding COVID-19 is everywhere and, sadly, Pam Stringer’s letter adds to that misinformation. She writes that N95 masks filter “only 0.5 and higher.” I assume she means 0.5 microns and that is wrong—the correct number is 0.3 microns. She adds that the COVID-19 virus is “0.12.” To be accurate, the figure is 0.125 […]

Calls on mayor to resign

Shamelessly, Denis Weber does not seem to have any intention of stepping down. His track record, in hindsight, proves he does nothing for the residents. Has he ever reached out to any of us? Total silence. As a banker, he cares only for businessmen and developers. Although the rest of our responsible City Council will keep him in check, his […]

Weber victim of partisanship

I have lived in Agoura Hills since 1987 and am a proud member of the Chateau Park Homeowners Association. For many years, Mayor Denis Weber has been there for our community as well as me personally. Denis Weber’s support helped prevent a major litigation against the City of Agoura Hills and a major devaluation of Chateau Park property values. His […]

Enjoyed article about e-bikes

As an aging athlete in my 70s, I just wanted to pass on a huge shout-out to Lillia Koepke for a super and needed article on e-bikes in last week’s Acorn. As an aging athlete in Newbury Park who’s: lived in seven states; run five New York marathons; raced single-shell skulls in various regattas in Florida; raced kayaks; shot traditional […]

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