Comments about deadly vaccine

I’m a registered nurse and am deeply alarmed by the atrociously unacceptable amount of lethal and absolutely gruesome COVID vaccine adverse effects. Please do not tell the public in your newspaper that these COVID experimental injections are “safe.” They are far from it. The 1976 swine flu vaccine program involving 50 million Americans was stopped because it killed 53 Americans—53 […]

In defense of John Gruden

Once again cancel culture raises its ugly head. For those of us who spent time in a football team locker room, making negative references to other players is common, and no malice is intended. Remember what Serena Williams said about Maria Sharapova after losing a match to her? Nobody knows what was going through Jon Gruden’s mind when he wrote […]

Where is her mug shot?

I am writing regarding the Rebecca Grossman story. I read the article, like I do normally, and have decided to question why Rebecca Grossman’s photos are always of her in her finest social settings. I have a difficult time not believing that if this were a person of color that had less financial recourses, her mug shot would be shown […]

No place for new Agoura housing

Say “no” to 557 housing units at Kanan and Thousand Oaks roads. In their search to add low-cost housing to their city, the Agoura Hills City Council has approved adding 557 housing units to the three shopping centers located by the Kanan and Thousand Oaks intersection. Does that sound as unbelievable to you as it does to me? Would the […]

‘At odds’ with vaccine science

On Sept. 30, David Hurwitz wrote to claim my “views” on the efficacy and wisdom of vaccinating young children with new mRNA vaccines as being at odds with the “science.” He’s right. I am at odds with the “science” that mandates vaccination for young children while dismissing risk assessment in the face of data that concludes the chance of young […]

Platform for anti-vaxxers

When you published Brock Backlund’s anti-vaccine diatribe, you gave someone a platform to speak about medical and public health issues without fact checking their claims for any form of scientific merit or factual accuracy. Backlund stated that the doctor who claims to have invented mRNA has said those under 18 should not get a COVID vaccine. That doctor is never […]

Car buyers can still find deals

Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed the spate of seemingly unrelated automobile dealerships in our area advertising used cars for “one price,” contending that prices are fairly set using a computerized comparison of data in the area. Of course, customers have the option of refusing to buy, i.e. “take it or leave it.” Obviously the very purpose and existence of the […]

Faith-oriented editorial okay

Reared an evangelical Lutheran in the 1960s, I converted to atheism as a mid-teen and maintain that identification to this day. But as the decades passed and I interacted with many others in military service, university and various jobs in a long career, my youthful disdain for organized religion matured into a respect for the broad spectrum of beliefs held […]

Disingenuous about the cost

Dare I ask this question without being attack as being vile. If my memory serves me right, we were told the mountain lion overpass was going to cost $50 million. Now, the estimated cost will be about $86 million, with $6 million yet to be raised. How did this happen? Why we were told it was only going to cost […]

Don’t blame the intersection

Below your photo of the crosswalk where the Iskander children were tragically killed, the caption read: “the city . . . has promised to install signal lights.” This is highly inadequate. How would traffic lights prevent a driver who—allegedly— committed a hit and run while speeding and under the influence? Cue the lawyers who blame the intersection. America has a […]

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