Cop busted for jail cell liaison

I was appalled by your June 3 article regarding the Ventura County sheriff’s deputy. Referring to sexual misconduct as “smooching” and “making-out” is entirely inappropriate and disrespectful to the victim. Those words conjure up something cute, like out of the movie “Grease,” not a criminal act of aggression between a person in a position of power over a female jailed […]

Says all topics open to debate

I was perplexed by Mr. Cohen’s letter to The Acorn regarding his opinion that everyone has to express their opinions in a community newspaper. He mentions the “old days” and that’s exactly what they were—old. It’s a new day, and the right to express one’s opinions on things that affect us is extremely important. Something that affects one can indeed […]

Acorn, try to keep it local

I would like to echo the sentiment expressed by Eric Cohen and call on The Acorn to stop publishing political rants of the readers, especially those not related to anything local. This is not the New York Times or Wall Street Journal. This is our local newspaper, which should focus on local issues. Publishing of these rants accomplishes absolutely nothing […]

The left versus the right

The incohesive listing of right-wing talking points put forth by one of your readers last week simply should not go unanswered. Whether we are considered “leftists,” liberals, “progressives” or simply Democrats, I think I can speak for most of us when I say that the basic difference between us and them is that we are not the party of selfishness. […]

Full appraisal not necessary

I’m a retired real estate appraiser who is bothered by lenders who automatically order full appraisals on refinance loans even when it isn’t always necessary. In cases where your loan is substantially below your home’s market value, say, under 50%, a cheaper Limited Appraisal Report will suffice. Lenders are beginning to use a computer generated automated underwriting system in support […]

Bridge costs are overstated

I challenge Mr. Goldey’s math skills regarding the Liberty Canyon wildlife bridge, as $60 million to $88 million is most certainly not an 80% increase, as he suggested. The original budget was $60 million. Costs have increase for many reasons, including the necessity of underground power lines. I suggest that he would do well to research why the connectivity from […]

Support cause, bee proactive

It is very possible you have come in contact with harmful pesticides. In fact, two-thirds of all honey pollinated by bees contains a popular type of pesticide called neonics. The bees that come into contact with this pesticide are unable to navigate back to their colonies, resulting in massive damage and the dying out of entire colonies. The 2021 Save […]

Westlake Village election crucial

Dear First Neighborhood residents: I would like to encourage each and every one of our 666 owners to cast their votes in the upcoming HOA election. Ballots are due as soon as possible to be counted at our June 10 annual meeting. It is important that we elect board members who are “doers” and want to get things done in […]

Letter parroted ‘ridiculous dreck’

The recent letter from June Slayton is a lesson in propaganda and projection; there is no context to her complaints, and she sounds like she’s parroting QAnon, Fox and Newsmax. Shame on The Acorn for publishing such ridiculous dreck. Jay BerkowitzAgoura Hills

No COVID-19 conspiracy

How sad that last week’s “Conservative viewpoint” letter writer angrily recounts every conservative viewpoint and paints every political complaint with a broad brush, totally oblivious to any nuance, data, or factual evidence. Political opinion, to be valid, does require some attention to reality, which is sorely lacking here. As a physician, I can point out the misleading paragraph on COVID, […]

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