Fact or opinion?

I think letter writer June Slayton’s “History Lesson” was a troubling, incoherent rambling of white nationalist propaganda, and I believe it was irresponsible for The Acorn to print it. It is one thing to express an opinion, blatantly racist or not. It is a dangerous thing to present that opinion as baseless fact, which Ms. Slayton does repeatedly throughout her […]

Says BLM ‘racist’

Good for Bob Duarte and his letter to the editor last week, “Some BLM goals are worrisome.” My feelings exactly. I was raised that all lives matter and all people should be treated with respect. I, in turn, raised my children the same way. Yes, we are not a perfect country, and BLM is a racist movement meant to destroy […]

Her definition of ‘un-American’

The controversy over whether or not the Black Lives Matter organization is in fact of communist/ Marxist orientation is important. However, little can be done to change current opinions. What’s more important is defining what’s American and what’s not. Preventing a person from expressing an opinion, although it may differ from yours, is un-American. Destroying property belonging to another in […]

‘White privilege’

Definition of white privilege: “I grew up in a high income (possibly gated) community, and I am marching to de-fund the police in a low-income, high-crime area. “At the end of the day, I will have the ‘privilege’ of going home to my safe community, while you will continue to live in your now less-safe area, because I have now […]

Record straight

Larry Brown’s July 23 letter to The Acorn was a personal diatribe against me in an effort to libel me. The Acorn needs to set the record straight. He referred to me as anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant and he falsely wrote that I labeled Mexicans as “invaders.” I am an immigrant, so I am hardly anti-immigrant. Shari GoodmanCalabasas

More fact-checking, please

It seems that The Acorn does not curate the letters to the editor it receives. False information about the Black Lives Matter movement by Bob Duarte and homophobic rants by Brian J. Goldenfeld are printed and published with seemingly no review or fact checking. I know these letters are view points of readers, but to print blatant falsehoods and hate-mongering […]

BLM letter full of fake news

I am writing in response to a letter from a neighbor about the goals of Black Lives Matter. I fear that Mr. Duarte is getting his information from some bad sources because his letter was full of false and outrageous statements about BLM. I won’t repeat most of what he wrote here because, frankly, it was inflammatory. I’ll just share […]

BLM beliefs

In a recent Acorn, several readers negated the Black Lives Matters Marxist roots and mission. Justice demands the truth. In a 2015 interview, Patrisse Cullors, one of three Black Lives Matter founders, stated “Myself and Alicia Garza (another founder) are trained organizers. We are trained Marxists.” Their platform on their Black Lives Matter website states they seek to: Abolish the […]

Opinion check

Far-right extremists like Shari Goodman spew baseless hateful slander about Black Lives Matter and Antifa. In fact, patriotic Americans have traditionally opposed fascism. Of dozens who were arrested for mob violence after the murder of George Floyd, not one was a member of either group. In contrast, the shooter who murdered 23 Americans at a Walmart in El Paso was […]

History check

This is in response to a recent letter titled “Some BLM goals are worrisome.” The author refers to Black Lives Matter as a Marxist revolutionary group. There is a Marxist revolutionary nonprofit called Black Lives Matter Foundation that is not affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement. According to Charity Navigator, “On Dec. 2, 2019, it came to the attention […]

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