The danger of violent protest

It’s OK for you to believe what you believe. It’s not OK for you to demand others believe the same way. Karmen Browers’ letter was so correct for all the things happening that is so un-American. The “white privilege” letter from Patricia Halliday was also spot on. The “defunding the police” effort will only cause crime to rise and place […]

Fact-check bias

Letter writer Ms. Taft suggests that all opinion letters, especially those she apparently disagrees with, should be fact checked by The Acorn before they are published. Let’s begin by defining opinion: A view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. My recollection is that letters to the editor are opinion-based. She writes that Snopes, Politi- […]

BLM bigotry?

I would like to add to the debate about the BLM movement in general and the BLM organization in particular. While the movement raises important issues, the organization behind the movement is highly problematic. I would like to draw your attention to two articles by a law professor and life-long liberal Alan Dershowitz on this subject. The first article was […]

Says freedoms ‘trampled on’ by governors

How many people realized when they voted for a governor, he was going to have near dictatorial power over their lives? I hope that during this virus period, some people will start to think, “I didn’t know the governor had the power to do this or that.” Did you know you gave them the power to make decisions over what […]

Swift response

“A man or woman should never be ashamed to own he has been in the wrong, which is but saying, he is wiser today than he was yesterday.” Jonathan Swift wrote that many years ago. It is still true today. But, alas, our genius president doesn’t read books or scientific data or security briefs. Patricia FolsomWestlake Village

Not homophobic

I resent Michael Canada’s ad hominem attacks on my character and beliefs labeling me as a “homophobic.” Nothing can be further from the truth. I am a staunch, unabashed conservative, and my writings attempt to espouse that view. I make no qualms about that. Where does Mr. Canada derive from my letters that I am homophobic? I believe that all […]

Child psychology

Sometimes kids and juniors ask to do something they want to do, like wanting to go out with their friends, to date someone, or to use their electronics. They usually must ask their parents first. There are times when a child’s parents say yes to them, and there are times when they will say no. Some kids might take this […]

Mask order

Every city should follow the rule as Calabasas does: Wear a mask or get a fine. Just do it and save a life. George AnninoAgoura Hills

Touchy issue during the virus

In these days of health concerns, specifically COVID-19, I have recently noticed a behavior that is concerning to me and maybe should concern you as well. We live in an area with much natural beauty. Many of us partake in using and enjoying the beauty while walking, running or biking our roads and trails. During our outings, we all eventually […]

Wants schools to reopen

As a parent of an LVUSD student, I was disappointed to see Superintendent Stepenosky’s announcement the LVUSD schools would not reopen as planned. There is already a system in place whereby any student can distance learn, so anyone that doesn’t feel safe already has the option to not come onto campus. Schools should not open unless there is a sustained […]

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