Reeds and trees are both harmed

Trees are not the only victims. I read The Acorn articles about the excessive tree trimming in Medea Creek. A few months ago the creek, especially next to the Conifer Street bridge, was full of beautiful reeds. The reeds gave the creek a wonderful natural look. A few days later I walked by, and they were completely gone. Whoever is […]

Why Village was earlier denied

The Resolution of Denial (ROD) that resulted from the planning commission decision to deny approval for the West Village at Calabasas has just been made public. For over a year, multiple inquiries asking staff about the status of the ROD were not answered in a straight-forward manner. Then, in October 2020 it was disclosed that the ROD had not been […]

Stakeholder concern is ‘real’

I attended several Calabasas public hearings on the property at 4790 Las Virgenes Road, known currently as West Village at Calabasas. I was present when the planning commission denied their proposal in 2019, and I voted against the project known as Canyon Oaks in the Measure F ballot initiative in 2016. One would think the developer would understand that what […]

Decries biased litigation article

While reporting on the settlement of litigation against the City of Calabasas may be newsworthy, the tone and slant of the article was unfair and biased. The article was more like a continuation of the plaintiff’s allegations and animus against the City of Calabasas, which specifically targets our long serving and dedicated council member and past mayor, David Shapiro. The […]

Correct blame on Wuhan, China

In Keith Cornell’s letter to the editor, “Not Chinese, but Americans” (April 8), he writes, “In February, Trump announced the threat of an epidemic, a hoax.” Mr. Cornell is spreading disinformation. Let the record be known that on Jan. 31, President Trump declared the Wuhan virus a health emergency and banned all travel from China. In response, Biden called President […]

Put loud leaf blowers on mute

A week ago, my friend mentioned that gas-powered leaf blowers are not only annoying, but dangerous to health. I spent some time on the internet researching it. What I learned was disturbing. In addition to the smoke from burned fuel, emissions include a considerable amount of unburned toxic material; up to 1/3 of the weight of the fuel comes back […]

Students need more class time

Enough already. Oak Park High School students attend in-person school four days a week for the entire school day. Westlake students attend half days four days a week. Newbury Park students attend half days four days a week. Thousand Oaks students attend half days every day of the week. LVUSD? Our students attend in-person school roughly three to six hours […]

Not enough hours by LVUSD

I understand why the LVUSD administration and school board wanted to return our high school kids to school with caution. Even though the schedule was confusing and resulted in significantly decreased instruction time, I gave the administration the benefit of the doubt. However, I have now seen the proposed plan for mid-April and it’s shameful. While students all around us […]

Old-school is better, he says

Evidently Ms. Picciano is not well acquainted with the 1950s educational system curriculum as she professes. Otherwise she would know well that those who were educated in that era can, for example: Do math in their head and make change without a computer; Spell and punctuate and construct a complete sentence; Know the three branches of the U.S. government; Recite […]

Parks recall a waste of money, resources

Full disclosure: I am a proud supporter of Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks, and I serve on the SOAR (Save Open Space and Agricultural Resources) board of directors with her. It seems to me that any effort to recall Linda is a poor use of governmental resources. She was properly elected by majority vote, and I see nothing resembling evidence […]

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