One year later

I so appreciated The Acorn last week. You helped us remember the tragedies of a year ago, but with hope. The coverage was very well balanced between reporting the really sad reality of the 12 people lost, but not dwelling on it so much that it was too much to handle. It helped me to know who the 12 were. […]

Farewell, Helus

Capt. Don Aguilar’s heartfelt loving memory of a fellow deputy, Sgt. Ron Helus, has to be felt by all of us laypeople to know of the bravery these two officers displayed in running into the terrorized Borderline Bar. Unbearably sad for Helus to have died saving countless deaths of others and further injuries to the people inside that bar. What […]

Living in fear

Public safety should be the number one goal. However, it is not always the case. Sometimes it takes a back seat when it comes to money and development projects. Building a death trap, Agoura Village, is insane. The plans for the mega monster need drastic alterations as soon as possible. Blocking our escape route from raging fires is not a […]

Fires ‘man-made’

Time for you and colleagues to report on the cause of the fires, not the wind that exacerbates the conditions. We have over 90-degree heat from March through November. Why are fires occurring only when newscasters blast out red flag warnings? Are the crazies getting the signal to torch our open space due to these warnings? Fire only begins via […]

Cell tower issue

I have to laugh at the concern about a cellphone tower being installed a few hundred feet up the hill from Oak Hills Elementary in Oak Park. About 15 years ago, The Acorn did an article about a cellphone antenna tower being located in the church steeple right across the street from the school, maybe 30 to 40 feet away. […]

Agoura Village

PRISMM (Protectors and Residents in the Santa Monica Mountains) has always respected the city’s vision of Agoura Village, but we’ve repeatedly asked that the city be mindful that Kanan Road serves as the only evacuation route for this section of the Santa Monica Mountains. Every vehicle that evacuates north to get to the safety of the 101 Freeway must pass […]

Remember H

When the Agoura Hills City Council seeks public input with phony “workshops” regarding the massive Agoura Village project that will endanger our lives, they are playing us for suckers. They want us to forget that voters passed Measure H in 2002 placing a strict 60,000-square-foot limit on the size of retail buildings. Councilmember Denis Weber said, “If Measure H passes, […]

Glue traps are a sticky subject

With horror, I was reading the article about “safe killing” of rodents. People, please note that glue traps are a horrible way of getting rid of rodents. Yes, it maybe safe, but at what a price for the defenseless little creatures. They are glued to a board, suffering a long and agonizing death. They endure pain and starvation the same […]

Increasing cost of wildlife bridge

First it was $15 million, then $37 million, then $55 million, then $60, then $70 and now The Acorn reports the mountain lion bridge will cost a projected $80 million. Funny, five years ago when I said it was going to cost $100 million, I was not only called crazy, but my sweet, kind, caring neighbors, whom I love so […]

‘Tears and hugs’

At approximately 11:20 p.m. Wed., Nov. 7, the unimaginable happened. That was the moment we discovered that our 19-year-old daughter had been witness to a mass shooting at Borderline. We brought her home in a state of numb disbelief, and watched the news through the night as the horrors of the events unfurled. The next evening, the community came together […]

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