Pharmacy was not out of line

It’s a sad day when an attack is published on a local, honest business keeping people safe. Your report on the Kramer’s Pharmacy by a person accusing them of price fixing is a joke and dishonest. Have you recently priced the changes in plastic disposable gloves or N95 masks? Prices are double/triple everywhere, and you can’t find them anywhere. I […]

Prefers guns over butter

China and Russia are busy building out more first-strike capability as we go trillions more into debt building windmills and solar farms. Seems a big mistake. We better wake up. Jon StollVan Nuys

Critical race at LVUSD?

Last fall as parents and chil- dren got ready to return to school, the issues of critical race theory and the involvement of parents in determining the content of school curricula drew much attention across our nation. I am not here to argue the merits or lack thereof of CRT, but at the time, it seemed that many school district […]

Asks city to set its priorities

I was pleased to learn our new mayor, Ms. Klein Lopez, has declared “climate change” is an urgent civic problem. However, most residents of our city that I speak with are more concerned with crime, traffic and parking. For example, has anyone else noticed that on Tuesday morning there is no parking allowed from 9 to 11 a.m. along Thousand […]

Self-composting is one solution

The new food waste regulations aren’t here to make your life harder; they are here because 40% of our food is wasted and ends up in the landfill, which, in turn by EPA estimates, creates the third largest source of methane released into the atmosphere. If you don’t like the idea of rotten food sitting in your bin until trash […]

Wants letters to remain civil

I am a big advocate of freedom of speech and believe that no one should be muzzled for their political beliefs. However, I don’t like verbal bullying either, and I take exception to the inflammatory rhetoric of Jim Shahan in the Jan. 6 letters to the editor. In his letter, he personally attacks another writer, Brian Goldenfeld, for his political […]

Facts important in SSFL story

In the recent article “Film brings fresh eyes to field lab cleanup struggle,” Boeing’s representative explicitly lied when they claimed “there is no evidence linking contamination at the (SSFL) to cancer clusters in the surrounding neighborhoods.” Dr. Morgenstern’s federally funded study demonstrated a 60% higher incidence rate of cancer in the population living within 2 miles of Santa Susana Field […]

Use doggy bags for food waste?

California now says you are required to recycle your food waste. Toss it in the green bin with the yard waste. They want you to make compost. That’s great on a farm. The rest of us? We don’t need compost as we don’t grow our own food. That’s “urban living.” One problem: no bags. You can be fined for putting […]

Has bone to pick on redistricting

This is a copy of a letter I emailed to Republican Chairperson Jessica Patterson about her comments in the Dec. 30 Acorn article about the new redistricting maps: I’ve been reading articles in the news about the political landscape shifts due to recent revision. I live in the Ventura County 26th congressional district and Assembly District 42. I disagree with […]

Jan. 6 Capitol riot revisited

This time of leaving an old year to move to a new one can provide a sense of hope and perhaps change. It’s the change that strikes tension in many people. Those who fall back on tradition hope it is the one thing they can count on to stay the same. Tradition at this time is supposed to offer forgiveness. […]

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