Misled about immigration

Quotes by Trump are so misguided. El Paso is one of the safer cities in the U.S. as are all of the border cities, and it would behoove him to check his facts first. If we are going to build a wall, it should be between Canada and the U.S. Most of that border is wide open. Lots of crossings […]

About those social Democrats

A growing segment of the left-of-center electorate, having been roused by the noxious idea of free services for all and the Green New Deal fantasy, is now comfortable with a feel-good approach to complicated societal problems rather than fact-based analyses. Socialism and its handmaiden, autocratic governance, is attractive to this cohort of voters who do not understand that this is […]

More delays on climate change

We cannot afford the luxury of time and space to ignore climate change any longer. There are other places in the world that are suffering and feeling the magnitude of the disasters that developed countries, such as the U.S., bring forth by continuing to rely on fossil fuels. The latest climate report from the UN says we only have 12 […]

Yes, guns kill people

I’m a little worried about people who don’t understand that guns actually do the killing of people. How many crazy people without a gun have shot and killed someone? I think that would be zero. Yes, let’s give more resources to mentally ill people, which I think you are if you want to kill yourself and others. But let’s spend […]

Debunking your water bill

Beware— the number of residents on your household has a huge impact on your total Las Virgenes Municipal Water District water bill. Why? Because the water budget and the sanitation charge (sewerage) are based on that number. A LVMWD family of four’s minimum water bill will be at least $96.69—$67.27 sewerage and $29.42 “readiness to serve” charge—even if they use […]

Pure water a pipe dream

Pure water? The Las Virgenes Water District plans to invest $95 million in a 13-year water treatment project for our community to drink our sewage water. A key reason is the existing Tapia treatment plant discharge water—used by many customers for irrigation—is too excessive to discharge into Malibu Creek in the winter, per federal regulations. LVMWD estimates it would cost […]

Searched and rescued

I’ve been an avid horseback rider in Cheeseboro Park for close to 24 years. I can say I’ve enjoyed every ride, except one. On Sun., Jan. 27, my horse tripped on the way home and we went down in a heap. I got pretty banged up, but after checking him out, my horse seemed OK, except he wouldn’t get up. […]

Use your leash

Please, everyone, leash your dogs. Too often dog owners will yell, “He’s friendly,” only to have their dog stiffen up and lunge at mine. Besides, how do they know my dog is friendly? I had one off-the-leash dog actually attack my dog and bring her down on the ground, chewing at her throat. Most owners either cannot control their dog […]

Do the time

The defendant described in a Jan. 3 Acorn article, “Drunk driver who killed deputy asking for new trial,” is using a legal ploy. He feels that pretrial publicity affected the outcome and contributed to his guilty verdict. He is arguing he deserved a change of venue. I say that there isn’t a jury between here and the moon that would […]

Pure water

Good coverage of the Las Virgenes/Triunfo JPA Pure Water Project in last week’s Acorn. However, the headline is misleading, as the project is not just LVMWD’s, and maybe it even discourages Triunfo ratepayers from continuing on to read the article. The JPA, not Las Virgenes, owns the Tapia wastewater treatment facility and the compost facility. Of course, LV is the […]

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