Lockdown at fault, not virus

Dennis Prager said it best when he said this virus has not caused our country’s economic collapse. The lockdown has caused people to lose their jobs, their businesses, their hopes and their dreams. Richard RobinsonCalabasas

Open, Agoura

I am asking our mayor and City Council of Agoura Hills, to please step forward and defy the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors’ orders and immediately reopen all of our businesses, of course following all of the recommended cautions. Why? In Agoura Hills your chance of getting COVID-19 is about 2/10th of 1%, with zero percent of dying. I’m […]

Ugly disregard for others

I am wondering what people don’t get about wearing a mask yet. Or that the gloves they just wore into a store don’t belong on the ground, outside that store. Do these people think that their life is more important than the person that you just walked in front of without regard for their safety? Or the person that has […]

Says it’s time to get back to work

I have no issue with social distancing. I have no issue with individual businesses requiring masks to enter their businesses. But it is time to open Agoura Hills. It is time to open the bathrooms at our few parks; and have one of our parks and rec folks monitor the social distancing of bathrooms and parks. Let restaurants put tables […]

Lighten up

Where to start with Brett Woodmansee’s and Greg Stone’s letters of May 14? The vitriol heaped on our elected officials, local, regional and statewide is truly breathtaking. Our officials attempt to do their best to stem the spread of a deadly disease and they are pilloried as incompetent, corrupt despots violating our constitutional rights to some mysterious self-serving end. What […]

Online orchestra music to the ears

My compliments and gratitude to the New West Symphony for the incredible virtual concert brought to the community on Memorial Day. It was a perfect ending to a weekend where, hopefully, we all paused a bit to thank the heroes who keep us safe from harm. I have been a supporter of the arts for many years and am greatly […]

Teed off about coronavirus

Anecdotal golf history maintains that if you are putting from off the green, you leave the flagstick in the cup. If you are putting from on the green, tradition states you must pick up and remove the flagstick. So not sure, but it sounds like you need an extra surgical glove on the course these days. Trust me, I putt […]

Social distancing

You all realize that social distancing is a tool to prevent people from going shopping or to work. Masks are not. Apparently some people have not made the connection yet, since lots of people are not wearing masks in public. So if you want to go back to work or shopping, do not leave the house without a mask. John […]

Is a baseball player essential?

I am a huge Dodgers fan. This week I got misty-eyed on a Zoom call with Dodgers players. But as for restarting baseball, are there any benefits? Is it fair for baseball players and skeleton stadium crews to be tested before each game and thereby use 369,000 tests over an 82-game season, not counting postseason? Will restarting baseball help the […]

Not all right

Not only in letters to The Acorn but also in other newspapers and on TV news programs, I keep hearing people complaining that stay-at-home and shut-down orders during the COVID-19 pandemic are violating their constitutional rights. I have read the U.S. Constitution, all seven articles and 27 amendments. The Constitution is neither hard to read nor hard to understand. Nowhere […]

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