Appreciates advice in letter

Thank you, Mr. Jack Koenig, for your “I implore You to Think” posting. As I look at this, it is so little to ask. It makes me wonder, further, why can’t people “just do this.” It’s not for a lifetime. Some restrictions are inconvenient, but if it can prevent people from infecting each other, why not? Wearing a facial covering […]

Open up, with contact tracing

I sympathize with the restaurants that are experiencing financial stress, so I would like to pose a solution to their plight. All restaurants, even the Trump rally headquarters Cronies, should be allowed to reopen if they support and practice contact tracing. I can hear the cries now, “Big Brother tracking us!” Well, get over it. If you want to be […]

Are restaurants above the law?

I don’t think the majority of Cronies critics want the restaurant to shut down. We just want the owner to follow the Los Angeles County health and safety COVID guidelines. That means no outdoor and indoor dining. The owner can still make money via takeout orders. Yes, it’s not enough. But it’s also not enough for all the law-abiding restaurants. […]

Tough decision for everyone

The Acorn’s page 1 (Jan. 7) offers everyone the opportunity to resolve the “mask/no mask” dilemma for themselves. The right-side subheadline states: “Customers increasingly irate over face mask mandates.” The left-side highlight notes: “Los Robles readies for morgue overflow.” Pick a side. G. J. BrennanWestlake Village

Daughter asks that you care

My daughter works in a local retail store where you have most likely shopped. Every single day she has to tell at least five to seven patrons to please wear a mask. Most of the people apologize— they just forgot—and comply, but a good number of people give her a hard time. She has been yelled at, cursed at, called […]

Fine tribute to Tommy Lasorda

Tommy Lasorda, the Hall of Famer and legendary Dodgers manager, has died at the age of 93, the team announced Jan. 8. Lasorda, the longest-tenured Dodger in franchise history and legendary for his unflagging leadership and crude tirades, managed the Dodgers from 1976 to 1996. He captured two World Series, four National League pennants and eight division crowns while at […]

Look to history for remedy

President Trump’s conduct the other day exceeds that of Philip Nolan, the fictitious U.S. Army lieutenant in the book “The Man without a Country” by Edward Everett Hale. Nolan was tried for treason as an accomplice to Aaron Burr, when he renounced his nation and shouted “I wish I may never hear of the United States again!” He was sentenced […]

Capitol riot post mortem

I can’t believe that Republicans still believe that Trump is a great leader, after this attack on the Capitol building and all the threats to the senators inside, whether Republican or Democrat. Four people dead, police injured, all because Trump won’t admit he lost. He even incited his white supremacist supporters to violence and then, for over an hour, wouldn’t […]

People who ignore park rules

In reference to Stan Garber’s letter, “Forest Cove used as a dog park,” Jan. 7, I, too, find it baffling that some people in Old Agoura Park near Colodny and Chesebro cannot follow simple park rules. It clearly states, on the fencing around the ball field, “Please keep out during annual maintenance.” Yet, during my daily walks, I consistently see […]

COVID-19 not ‘just the flu’

Suzanna Luetscher’s letter last week downplays the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic (Dec. 31) by calling it the “COVID flu.” This ignores the fact that COVID-19 is far more deadly than influenza. In 2020, the number of Californians dying of COVID-19 equaled the combined sum of annual deaths from influenza, diabetes, high blood pressure and liver disease. In Ventura County, […]

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