A brave fern for all seasons

On the Trail

If I were a fern, I’d want to live in perpetually cool bathing mists. I’d treasure every glistening dewdrop that clung to my unfurling fronds. Fog would be my fabulous friend because its dampness would drip down and seep into the ground to nourish my roots. I’d hope to always grow directly beneath a sheltering leafy tree branch so the […]

Choose holiday season travel plans carefully

Flying Squirrel

With the holiday season approaching, many travelers are busy making plans for the hectic months of November and December. There are families to visit over Thanksgiving week. With some kids out of school, there may even be an opportunity to sneak in a mini-vacation to somewhere warm. As the calendar turns to December, travel can involve shopping trips, theme park […]

Friends indeed: a veteran and his constant canine companion

Veterans Connection

I get paid on the first of the month by the VA. But after rent, utilities, child support, etc., I’m always out of money by the last week of the month. So, I took a half-day job on a low-budget film shooting in Ojai. But that day in Ojai, as always, the main stressor was not money. My main worry […]

Ignore disease symptoms at your own risk

Other Side of 50

Every once in a while, the person upstairs gives you a wake-up call. Mine came a few weeks ago. Looking back, all the signs were there. I’d been keeping a supply of Tums in my purse for after meals. I could feel a sensation of acid backing up in my throat when I bent down. Burping became a “thing” for […]

Exposing the naked truth to a kid

Hot Flashes

“Yaya, these people aren’t wearing any clothes.” Oy vey. When you take a 7-year old to a museum, be prepared to do a lot of ’splaining. I relied on Yiddish expressions even though I didn’t taste a bagel until I was 18. “ Well you know how it is, Coco,” I explained, “these people lived almost 2,000 years ago. Those […]

Hot and spicy dishes, drinks, decor

Acorn Epicurean

Like hot, sunny days in the tropics, a visit to Mejico Grill and Tequila Lounge right here in the Conejo Valley will warm patrons from the outside in. The inviting cottage-style building in Agoura Hills offers beautiful and relaxed outdoor seating just outside the bar area. Or nestle by the indoor fireplace for a cozy, romantic evening. The opposite side […]

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