Following the light away from temptation

Roots of Faith

The Lord’s Prayer, used by believers for centuries, has the line “Lead us not into temptation.” Wait a minute. Why would a loving God draw his followers into sin? He doesn’t. The wording can be traced back to the Anglican prayer book of the 1500s. While modern Bibles have translations more accurate to the original text, believers still use the […]

Front yard oak tree makes immense impact

On the Trail

On a recent visit to Orcutt Ranch Horticultural Center in West Hills, I met an astounding individual. He was very old yet had a powerhouse build suggestive of the Hulk’s. His flesh was furrowed and resembled coursing rivers etched through ancient canyons. He towered above all others—young, middle-aged or senior. No one was in his league. How could they possibly […]

Tips for the long-distance caregiver

Other Side of 50

I just became a long-distance caregiver. Now what? If you live an hour or more away from a loved one who needs your care, you’re a long-distance caregiver. Based upon the needs of the care receiver, as well as the skills, abilities and limitations of the caregiver, every long-distance caregiving experience is different. I’ve been a long-distance caregiver on two […]

Sugar shack attack hits ball field

Hot Flashes

Like yours, most of my Saturdays are spent schlepping frisky kids to some type of youth sports event. Baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, football . . . wherever there are balls and dirt, you’ll find this cranky old bat. As for my rotten kids, I’m done schlepping. So these grand ones fill my dance card today. You know, the ones who […]

What’s black and white and green?

On the Trail

Barefoot in the park got a new twist on a recent Sunday when a bunch of shoeless guys dressed in white and black garb were spotted on the lush lower lawn area of Bennett Park in Westlake Village. There were grunts and exhortations emanating from the group. One gray-haired, bearded fellow with an ample gut appeared to be providing instruction […]

Fasten your seat belt, bumpy skies ahead

Flying Squirrel

“Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has turned on the fasten seat belt light, so for your safety, please return to your seat and securely fasten your seat belt.” Everyone who’s flown commercially has heard this announcement. And if you’ve flown in the last year or two, you might have this feeling you’re hearing this announcement more often, and that the […]

Financial app solves paying group bills

Flying Squirrel

Let’s say you are traveling with friends. You’re in Prague. You’ve enjoyed an amazing dinner. Only crumbs are left on the dessert plates and the espresso cups are empty. The waiter lays the bill on the table. Your friends exchange glances. What happens next? Thirty years ago, you all would have fished out the vinyl wallet containing your American Express […]

Cotton-candy pink is a sweet color at this time of year

On the Trail

There’s a gangly flowering tree having a spectacular year on the side of a house at the end of Abbington Court in Westlake Village’s First Neighborhood. It’s a western redbud, a popular tree native to California that usually produces pea-like magenta flowers before re-foliating with bronzy green, shiny, heart-shaped leaves. This particular specimen is an anomaly in several ways. It’s […]

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