Nature activities for meditation and exercise

Other Side of 50

I’ve recently rediscovered my enthusiasm for kayaking. In the past, I’ve kayaked on a pond in Cape Cod, on the Charles River in Boston and on Westlake Lake. Those excursions were journeys of calm exploration. I’ve also kayaked in the ocean in Santa Barbara and near the Channel Islands. Those treks, on the other hand, were stress-filled, water-soaked battles with […]

Sports moms rock and rule on the field

Hot Flashes

Once upon a steamy weekend, a bawdy band of stinky 10-year old boys in baseball uniforms, wearing cleated footwear and dreaming about the thrill of victory, lit upon a diamond filled with their fellow dudes in Oxnard. Through a barrage of bats, balls, gloves and brawn, they won. Yee haw. And that’s all you need to know about them in […]

Lush walking paths not without risk

On the Trail

This was hardly a bonanza year rain-wise for the Conejo, making life even that much more grueling for already drought-distressed oaks just beginning to rally after the 2017 deluge. Yet the amount of “groundlevel” greenery in riparian corridors shaded by our frail, gallant coast live oaks can be astonishing, even as summer unleashes its initial round of withering heat. I’ve […]

Distant flight survival tips to make travel more entertaining

Flying Squirrel

Imagine you’ve just boarded an Airbus A350 in Newark, N.J., for a 9,000-mile flight to Singapore. You’ll be spending 19 hours on the plane, a very long time—especially in the cheap seats (economy). This particular trip will be the world’s longest flight route when it relaunches this October. Most of us will never have to endure a 19-hour flight, but […]

Prophetic visions still teach

Roots of Faith

Timothy Leary and his psychedelic trips had nothing on these guys. Throughout the Bible, people had visions. The prophets wrote about strange apparitions of monsters, heavenly beings and unearthly animals. Some examples are found in the books of Daniel, Ezekiel, Zechariah and Revelation. Since these stories are sacred text, they are not the ravings of lunatics. What are we to […]

Ask seniors what housing features they want, need

Builders gather suggestions

With an eye toward a potential future project, Many Mansions and the Area Housing Authority of the County of Ventura paid a visit to Senior Concerns to gather suggestions for features seniors would want to see in a new complex of independent senior apartments. We were delighted to know that a builder had an interest in what seniors would want […]

Gorgeous greenbelt offers colorful displays

A forest runs through it

There are greenbelts and then there are greenbelts. It would be impossible for me, as a transplant from a big city who grew up in an “asphalt jungle” amid “concrete canyons,” to say whose greenbelts are superior among Oak Park, Westlake Village or Thousand Oaks. In the eyes of a person who spent half a lifetime in search of serene, […]

This frisky mob hits the local bar at the crack of dawn

Hot Flashes

I compare awakening before dawn to getting nose hairs or robocalls. To no one’s surprise, at 4:30 a.m. on Sun., June 24, I was in the snooze groove, snoring and drooling as expected, thinking about nothing really. One of the few things at which I consistently excel. And knowing within my sound slumber that I had one hour and 30 […]

Vacationers should dive in before hitting their next tropical destination

Flying Squirrel

Many vacationers find themselves with way more activities on their to-do list than time in which to do them. On the plane or car ride home, they reflect on all the things they wish they’d done. Sites missed, books unread, experiences untried. I recall a visit to Sandals a few years ago. I spoke with a couple who were learning […]

Snoozefest: the commencement address

Hot Flashes

Wake me up before you go go graduate, baby. I didn’t need a hot toddy to find my way to dreamland. Nor did anyone else in the audience. Yet Americans spend more than $40 billion yearly on sleep aids. Those are the things that help you snooze when you are throttled by hot flashes in the middle of the night […]

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