Homeless woman advises: Keep on living and moving forward

Veterans Connection

Someone once said about Rosa: “Her possessions have a place to live, but she doesn’t.” Although Rosa is homeless, she is in a place that I think we would all like to be. Let me explain. As a volunteer at Gold Coast Veterans Foundation, I was asked to help Rosa relocate items in her storage unit. She is an 82-year-old […]

Don’t lose focus when filing away trip photos

Flying Squirrel

When we travel in the summer, many of us return home with the same three things: a healthy glow, fond memories . . . and pictures. The glow will fade. The memories you’ll have forever. But the pictures, what happens to them? Most of us take hundreds of photos—if not thousands—on vacation. Many of these are on the device we […]

Think about shaving as a shared activity

Other Side of 50

Shaving one’s face is a fundamental part of being a man. A generation ago, the act of shaving denoted manhood, pride of appearance, cleanliness, neatness and a person in control and well-groomed. In the U.S., Canada and Europe, about 85 percent of men shave their beards. Throughout recent history we have been a society where the appearance of the body […]

Growing the seed of faith with Bible heroes

Roots of Faith

One of my favorite movies is “Galaxy Quest,” about the real-life actors of a canceled sci-fi TV series. On the show, whenever the situation looked dire, Commander Peter Quincy Taggart (Tim Allen) urged his crew on with the words, “Never give up! Never surrender!” The Bible likewise encourages believers with hope. Hebrews chapter 11 is a Faith Hall of Fame […]

Malnutrition: The silent condition

Other Side of 50

As if being admitted to the hospital isn’t challenging enough, there’s often an additional underlying and undiagnosed condition occurring in one-third of seniors who go in: undernourishment. Statistically, it’s estimated that one in three adult patients age 60 and older are malnourished. Why is it then that in a study of 6 million adult hospitalizations, only 5 percent of the […]

Rockin’ the outdoor Rorschach test

On the Trail

I’m out looking for some peace and quiet along a trail I’ve never traversed before in the Lang Ranch/Woodridge Open Space area in Thousand Oaks. The area is a quirky marriage of well-groomed subdivision and rugged trails. So there’s a bit of high velocity hiking required to out-distance the leaf blower and tree trimmer racket. In a half-mile or so, […]

Hassle-free ogling of Westlake Lake from afar

On the Trail

I’m not proud to admit that my current status on Westlake Village’s lake-fringing greenbelts is as a “trespassing varmint.” A homeowner actually escorted me off and sent me on my way along “public streets.” Which actually was quite sporting of the fellow, for he could have called out the sheriff to make things really sticky for me. I’d been out […]

Mulberry tree is both magic and menace

On the Trail

In parking lots on scorching days, I and my fellow motorists circle like hungry sharks. We’re not after fleshy prey, only waiting to pounce on a precious parking space shrouded by shade. We’re as ruthless as sharks, cutting one another off for an isolated morsel of sun-less-ness. So it came as a big surprise on an afternoon’s walkabout along Avenida […]

Eat well and live fresh, too

Acorn Epicurean

When the owners of Baja Fresh in Westlake Village say their meals are fresh, they really mean it. There are no freezers, microwaves or even food that comes in cans to be seen anywhere. As a matter of fact, when the owners and husband-and-wife team of Anu Singh and Vikas “Vik” Dhanker revealed this fact to me, I honestly couldn’t […]

Lend an ear to help

Veterans Connection

My friend, a post-9/11 veteran, constantly suspects someone is trying to kill him. Afraid to start his car, he fears an improvised explosive device is wired into the ignition. Walking on the streets, he fixates on his paranoia that “the enemy” is following him so they can shoot him. Given the intense combat he faced, his behavior is not surprising. […]

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