Overcoming anxiety of reopening

Other Side of 50

After months and months of pandemic public health restrictions, stay-home orders and phased reopenings, the governor lifted the restrictions June 15 and we should come much closer to “normal” soon. As I check in with my own feelings about this transition, the two words that comes to mind for me are anticipation and anxiety. I dream of going places. Granted, […]

Putting new life into dry bones

Roots of Faith

Dry. Desolate. Barren. Some days our spiritual walk seems like it has detoured from God. We feel dead inside. And so did the people of Israel. The Babylonians had attacked Judah, set up a puppet king and deported the real king, the royal family and upper-class citizens. Among those taken into exile was the prophet Ezekiel. Separated from their homeland […]

Raising kids using positive discipline

Ask Ms. Bonnie

Editor’s note: “Ask Ms. Bonnie” is a new column debuting in The Acorn. Please submit parenting related questions to Ms. Bonnie for a chance to be included in her next column. See email address at the end of the column. Question: Ms. Bonnie, my daughter is turning 2, and although she’s never loved being in the car seat, it’s become […]

Celebrating the family caregiver

Other Side of 50

Wanda takes pride in the care she provides to her husband, Jim, as he goes through his journey with dementia. Before COVID, Jim attended the Senior Concerns Adult Day Program. Wanda felt his weekday presence there helped slow the progression of the disease as he engaged in conversation, activities, meals and exercise with others in the program. In addition, the […]

Parenting pro presents positive discipline

Ask Ms. Bonnie

Editor’s note: “ Ask Ms. Bonnie” is a new column we’re debuting in The Acorn. Submit parenting-related questions to Ms. Bonnie for a chance to be included in her next column to the address shown at the end. Question: Ms. Bonnie, our 4-year-old son is well-spoken and kind. Yet when he gets frustrated or mad, he can’t seem to talk […]

Listening to the body when it hurts

Other Side of 50

Silent whispers from our body come in many forms and may include aches or pains, emotions, gut feelings or just a sense that something is off. It’s easy to ignore these signs, but by doing so we may be jolted to attention when, at last, our body screams. Case in point. My Auntie Jean had many signs that something was […]

Wish list for post-COVID senior housing

Other Side of 50

When asked, I tell friends that if I outlive my husband and have difficulty living independently, I want to move to an assisted-living facility. I’m a person who thrives in the company of others, and a socially isolated life would be lonely and depressing for me. However, that wish has given me pause since the pandemic has stretched out over […]

Finding special surprises along the way

On the Trail

It’s often said that it’s the little things in life that matter, and living in the age of a big pandemic, it’s a comfort to appreciate those things. I discovered this while visiting my old neighborhood, Westlake Hills in the Westlake portion of Thousand Oaks. What could be more fun than spotting an elephant sitting in a front yard in […]

Authors, aging experts share life lessons

Other Side of 50

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the book “Live Smart After 50: The Experts’ Guide to Life Planning for Uncertain Times” that I co-edited and co-authored with 32 other experts in the field of aging. It was a passion project for a few members of the Life Planning Network, a national organization of individuals working with and writing about […]

Shedding off the old burial cloths for new Easter garments

Roots of Faith

It’s the detail in Bible stories that make them fascinating and describe great truths. On Sunday morning, Peter and the beloved disciple ran to Jesus’ tomb. “Then Simon Peter, who was behind him, arrived and went into the tomb. He saw the strips of linen lying there, as well as the burial cloth that had been around Jesus’ head. The […]

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