Stroll along Kimber keeps writer limber

On the Trail

It never ceases to amaze me how one can accidentally stumble on a burst of fresh new territory to explore. Getting lost helps considerably. That was my initial predicament. On a sunny but chilly afternoon, I was idling outside my favorite doughnut shop on Kimber Drive at its junction with Wendy Drive, trying to find the most wind-free direction to […]

Time-sensitive to-do’s when loved one dies

Other Side of 50

I have a dear friend, Nancy, whose husband died unexpectedly several years ago. She was recounting the situation to me and how another friend of hers, who was a physician, wanted to give her some medication to calm her during the experience. Nancy’s response: “I have too much to do. I can’t be out of it.” We laughed about her […]

An Iris by any other name . . .

On the Trail

Do girl babies given names like Fern, Poppy, Jasmine, Rose and Iris develop a particular leaning toward those plants as they grow up? You have to wonder if there are surveys and statistics tracking such phenomena. Did my elementary school friend Rose Fiorucci become a rosarian or even an annual participant in Rose Parade festivities? Nope, she shied away from […]

Are values and respect still valued?

Family Man

I have a day job in retail, which means that no matter how much abuse I take from customers, I must remain professional and nice. Customers don’t have that obligation. Have values, respect and accountability gone out the window? I don’t see it when a guy with a raised F-150 and the obvious inability to wait for an open parking […]

Easter is coming: Why are we afraid?

Roots of Faith

Jesus rose from the dead and his disciples were afraid. In Matthew’s Gospel, when the angel rolled back the stone covering the entrance of Jesus’ tomb, the Roman guards assigned to watch for grave robbers “were shaken with fear of (the angel) and became like dead men” (Matthew 28:4 NABRE). The angel said to the women who had come to […]

What are you teaching your family and community about getting old?

Other Side of 50

Aging is something we learn from family, our community and our culture. Sam, I’ll call him, is what can only be described as an 87-yearold curmudgeon. As a widower suffering from congestive heart failure, mostly homebound due to his fatigue and need for oxygen, he is bitter about his lot in life. Sam’s son and daughter bear his wrath as […]

Portable magic

Hot Flashes

Books are uniquely portable magic.—Stephen King “It doesn’t matter,” Mom reminded us. “Just read.” Everyone, yes, everyone— even the family dachshund who demolished a few comic books and gave free vasectomies to the plumber—devoured books in our tribe. I can still see Mom slathered up with neon skin cream at night in bed, glasses sliding down her ski-jump nose and […]

Journals help keep travel memories alive

Flying Squirrel

Most of us have a handful of indelible vacation experiences we’ll never forget, remembrances etched into our lives. These memories may stand out because of the destination we visited, the people we traveled with or the one-of-a-kind activity we experienced. For me, one of the truly unique memories I have comes from our first ever visit to Venice, Italy. Our […]

What will you get for Lent this year?

Roots of Faith

We’re in the church season of Lent, the 40 days of preparation leading to the festival of Easter. In the early church, Lent was a time of teaching the faith to new converts before they were baptized on Easter Sunday. Now Lent is a time of reflection for all believers. Why 40 days? Jesus spent 40 days alone in prayer […]

Magnificent magnolias

On the Trail

It was a tough, tumultuous winter for plants and gardeners alike. The wind and cold were challenging, and while the rain was a rare gift, too much of it proved to be a nuisance for some plants that began to rot due to lack of proper drainage. There were also large trees softened by moisture and taken down by wind. […]

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