Long-range strategies better than bribes

Ask Ms. Bonnie

Question: Ms. Bonnie, I’ve fallen into a bad habit of using rewards and bribes for my 4-year-old son, and when they don’t work, I find myself becoming controlling, frustrated and even giving up. I need help. This question addresses the core of relationship-building in parenting. In a nutshell, there is a better way because, as you’ve experienced, bribes and rewards […]

Funding program for long-term care

Other Side of 50

The Conejo Senior Resource Network, a subgroup of the Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce, convenes monthly to learn about new and established senior solutions. At a recent meeting, I learned about Washington state’s new Long-Term Care Trust Act, which takes effect at the start of 2022. The law establishes a half-percent payroll tax to help fund long-term care for […]

Big truths found in tiny mustard seed

Roots of Faith

When I was a kid, I had a piece of religious jewelry that was popular then—a mustard seed encased in a clear plastic bubble and dangling from a necklace chain. The seed represented certain parables told by Jesus. The ancient Israelites used spices such as mustard, mint, dill, cumin and garlic to give flavor to an otherwise routine diet of […]

Roller-coaster times due to COVID cause anxiety, stress

Other Side of 50

My husband keeps asking me why I cry lately at the drop of a hat. I have always been prone to tears when really stressed or when something touches my heart. And I guess that is exactly why I’m crying these days. For the past three months, my staff and I at Senior Concerns have been preparing for the grand […]

Parents: avoid being pit against each other

Ask Ms. Bonnie

Question: I’m happy that my husband can be a disciplinarian when our teen daughter requires correcting. However, she has started coming to tell me afterward that (in her perception) her dad “yelled” at her. How do I help my daughter and husband to understand each other better during these times? It sounds like your husband feels your daughter doesn’t listen […]



Each week the Acorn Newspapers presents a new episode of “Branching Out,” a podcast that explores the issues in our community and the people who make the news. In this installment, Acorn reporter and host Ian Bradley welcomes housing expert Ray Pearl, a Westlake Village City Council member and executive director of the California Housing Consortium, a nonprofit organization that […]

Purse snatchers target older women

Other Side of 50

Recently I noticed the ATM in my grocery store had been removed. I was a bit baffled by the decision, and a bit annoyed. The location was convenient. I could combine my shopping trip with banking. One stop, two chores accomplished. What I did not think about at the time is the safety and security that an in-store ATM offered […]

Diversity of faiths join hands into forming one country

Roots of Faith

The USA is perhaps the only country that began as a haven for those fleeing religious persecution. Up to the 17th century, religious freedom was an unknown concept. Serfs and villagers pledged loyalty to the faith of their overlord or king. In fact, a common religion was seen as a good thing, a means to ensure community stability and uniformity. […]

Discipline tips: Why can’t siblings all just get along?

Ask Ms. Bonnie

Question: Ms. Bonnie, what can I do to help my children get along? Everyone says sibling rivalry is normal, but I can’t stand their fighting! There isn’t a parent alive with more than one child who doesn’t know this feeling, whether the children are toddlers or teens or somewhere in between. Children experience sibling rivalry whether there is a 15-month […]

Celebration of life rituals can resume

Other Side of 50

I’m hoping my cousin gets the healing she needs this month. Almost a year after her brother David passed away, she is having a celebration of life for him. I wrote about Janet in a January 2020 column titled “A life is changed in the blink of an eye.” Janet had come to help her 60-year-old brother after his cataract […]

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