Time to take ownership and stop cheating

Today at the bottom of this page there is a very interesting letter to the editor that caught our eye. Read it and we think your interest will be piqued as well. Acorn reader John DeLuca of Oak Park does an excellent job voicing what we’ve all known for some time, yet haven’t really done anything about. It’s time, DeLuca […]


Says some claims are preposterous

In the April 11 issue of the newspaper, a story regarding the city’s ban on plastic straws ended with the quote: “If human behaviors don’t change by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean by volume than fish.” Where did this figure come from? Was it a scientific study by Scripps Institution of Oceanography, or was it a […]

Oak tree law

I understand Pat MacGregor’s zeal to limit development of the Cornerstone project, but the tool for stopping it shouldn’t be oak trees. We need to reverse the local Oak Tree Ordinance as it kills far more trees than it saves. At a recent community event in Old Agoura, a new homeowner noted the high percentage of heritage vs. smaller oaks […]

Fire won’t stop fiddle contest

As soon as things quieted down after last year’s Woolsey fire, many of us waited to hear about Paramount Ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains Recreation Area and its famous Western Town. Everyone connected with the Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest and Folk Festival and, I’m sure, all the fans, were hoping the fire bypassed the park. Unfortunately, it didn’t. Many […]

More cheaters than you think

If you’re one of the ones who’s shocked at the news of the college cheating scandal, then you might not be paying enough attention to your neighbors’ everyday activities. As you go about your business, take notice of the car parked along the red (no parking) curb; the cars that barely slow down at stop signs or when turning right […]

Comments on field lab cleanup

Concerning the editorial, “On SSFL, stop moving the goalpost and get the job done,” published on April 4, there are several statements I’d like to correct. The editorial stated, “Boeing . . . is allowed to clean up the soil on its portion of the site to the less stringent recreational level, but NASA . . . is being held […]

Stroll along Kimber keeps writer limber

On the Trail

It never ceases to amaze me how one can accidentally stumble on a burst of fresh new territory to explore. Getting lost helps considerably. That was my initial predicament. On a sunny but chilly afternoon, I was idling outside my favorite doughnut shop on Kimber Drive at its junction with Wendy Drive, trying to find the most wind-free direction to […]

Time-sensitive to-do’s when loved one dies

Other Side of 50

I have a dear friend, Nancy, whose husband died unexpectedly several years ago. She was recounting the situation to me and how another friend of hers, who was a physician, wanted to give her some medication to calm her during the experience. Nancy’s response: “I have too much to do. I can’t be out of it.” We laughed about her […]

An Iris by any other name . . .

On the Trail

Do girl babies given names like Fern, Poppy, Jasmine, Rose and Iris develop a particular leaning toward those plants as they grow up? You have to wonder if there are surveys and statistics tracking such phenomena. Did my elementary school friend Rose Fiorucci become a rosarian or even an annual participant in Rose Parade festivities? Nope, she shied away from […]

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