Work force issues addressed as COVID-19 winds down


As soon as the pandemic began, local, state and national governments were quick to react by offering monetary relief for people and businesses in need. The cash distributions proved to be a lifesaver as economic activity dropped precipitously in the dark days of the lockdown and many income streams dried up. Providing relief is what the government is designed to […]

Idling at lights hurts air quality

If Agoura Hills really cared about the climate, it would time its lights better. I commute to and from Westlake Village on Agoura Road daily and spend 15 to 20 minutes per week—yes, I timed it—idling at the intersections of Reyes Adobe and Kanan. That’s 16 hours per year my vehicle, and the countless other saps sitting with me, are […]

The over-under on new bridge

Just wondering, does anyone know if the mountain lions will use the proposed $90-million overpass? And, does anyone know if the mountain lions use the underpass at Liberty Canyon? Richard RobinsonCalabasas

Farewell tune for Dr. Gregory Fried

Retiring music teacher and musician Greg Fried was much more than just a music teacher: He was a very understanding and insightful mentor to his students. I am sorry that he is leaving, but I wish him well and I hope he continues spending time with young people. We need more dedicated educators like Dr. Greg Fried. Terese SchwartzWestlake Village

Recent protests perhaps in vain

Waving flags in Agoura is not going to help a complicated problem in the Middle East. You have extremists on each side that do not want to hear the opposite side. Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by an Israeli for trying to negotiate with the Palestinians. The assassin represented many Israelis who felt Rabin was committing treason for even […]

Cop busted for jail cell liaison

I was appalled by your June 3 article regarding the Ventura County sheriff’s deputy. Referring to sexual misconduct as “smooching” and “making-out” is entirely inappropriate and disrespectful to the victim. Those words conjure up something cute, like out of the movie “Grease,” not a criminal act of aggression between a person in a position of power over a female jailed […]

Says all topics open to debate

I was perplexed by Mr. Cohen’s letter to The Acorn regarding his opinion that everyone has to express their opinions in a community newspaper. He mentions the “old days” and that’s exactly what they were—old. It’s a new day, and the right to express one’s opinions on things that affect us is extremely important. Something that affects one can indeed […]

Acorn, try to keep it local

I would like to echo the sentiment expressed by Eric Cohen and call on The Acorn to stop publishing political rants of the readers, especially those not related to anything local. This is not the New York Times or Wall Street Journal. This is our local newspaper, which should focus on local issues. Publishing of these rants accomplishes absolutely nothing […]

The left versus the right

The incohesive listing of right-wing talking points put forth by one of your readers last week simply should not go unanswered. Whether we are considered “leftists,” liberals, “progressives” or simply Democrats, I think I can speak for most of us when I say that the basic difference between us and them is that we are not the party of selfishness. […]

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