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When it comes to writing, age is only a number. You’re never too young or too old to start. Need proof? Susan Eloise Hinton, better known as S.E. Hinton, was just 19 when her first novel, “The Outsiders,” was published. Frank McCourt was 66 when his first book, the Pulitzer Prize-winning autobiography “Angela’s Ashes,” hit shelves. Whether a teen or […]

Thoughts on the videographer

I remember when my boss in the toxic waste treatment/storage business would call me into his office and start off with: “Look, this problem has all kinds of arms and legs to it.” As an ardent fan, I still have to admit that the First Amendment can then be described as a giant mutant octopus with numerous arms. Interpretation and […]

Cities raise the bar on clean energy

GUEST OPINION /// Going green

The cities of Calabasas and Agoura Hills are on the brink of doing something really special. Starting next month, the cities are changing the so-called “Default Rate” with Clean Power Alliance. Sounds kind of wonky, but what it really means is Calabasas and Agoura Hills residents will soon be receiving 100% of their electricity from green sources such as solar, […]

Bridge will enhance safety

It’s quite astonishing that yet again I must confront Paul Scrivano’s hysterical, exaggerated claims. The National Park Service did not ever state that the purpose of the $88 million wildlife crossing was to lure the lions; rather, it is to allow for dispersal and genetic diversity. The lions are here already, with few ways to find an exit out of […]

Worries about housing bills

Democracy, per Google: “a system of government by the whole population . . . through elected representatives” ruled by the people. Obviously Sacramento hasn’t been told this definition. The key words are “elected” and “rule.” We, the voting public, hold blame for constantly electing those who rule over us. Senate Bills 9 and 10 are the examples. What I fail […]

Shoots down vaccine fears

Apparently anti-science and anti-vaxers attacking County Supervisor Parks missed the irony of blaming fear of contracting COVID on their inability to collect enough signatures to oust Parks. They don’t like her support for state-mandated COVID restrictions to keep us all safe. Was it fear of COVID or the knowledge that COVID vaccinations do keep us 96% safer from hospitalizations and […]

Left behind in Afghanistan

I have just seen The Acorn’s Sept. 8 photo of 13 U.S. flags and the sign alongside, “No man left behind.” Correction: hundreds, if not thousands, are left behind in Afghanistan to be brutalized, terrorized, murdered or held hostage. We saw the horrific pictures a couple of years back of a young pilot set afire in a cage. The absolute, […]

Withdrawal was needed

History will record that President Joe Biden’s heroic evacuation of Afghanistan demonstrated courage and wisdom that does exist on the other side of the aisle. A year ago, when Donald Trump bypassed the U.S.-backed Afghan government and met directly with terrorists, he recognized the Taliban as the defacto government, sabotaging 20 years of U.S. efforts and betraying 2,372 U.S. military […]


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