Triunfo about water, not just sanitation

Triunfo Sanitation District will change its name to Triunfo Water and Sanitation District effective July 1 to better reflect the agency’s full scope of services, officials announced.

Triunfo supplies potable and recycled water supply in addition to its wastewater collection and treatment services in east Ventura County.

“Water supply is a significant part of our service. Approximately 33,000 people receive sanitation service from us, and we provide potable water service to roughly 14,000 of those residents in the community of Oak Park, as well as recycled water for irrigation to various portions of our service area,” Triunfo board chair Janna Orkney said.

Triunfo uses an agency it owns and operates, Oak Park Water Service, to deliver the drinking and recycled water to customers.

Effective July 1, water bills will be issued directly from Triunfo Water and Sanitation District. Sanitation service fees will continue to be collected through Ventura County property tax bills. Customers will receive notification of the change by mail.

The district covers about 50 square miles, and serves the communities of Oak Park, Lake Sherwood, Bell Canyon and the Westlake and North Ranch portions of Thousand Oaks.

For more information, call (818) 889-8996 or go to After June 30 it’s

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