Three fixes for fall

Autumn is coming soon. When the colder weather is not ideal for working on outside home maintenance projects, one can focus on sprucing things up indoors.

These four fall tune-ups will give a home a pick-me-up.

Revamp the doors

Looking for an inexpensive way to update the home? Give the doors in the home a makeover. Source unique doorknobs from an antique or hardware store, then paint the doors a different color to give a home a whole new look.

Paint a room

Freshen up the look of the walls and cabinets.

Fall is a good time to paint the walls because the dry air will help the paint set more quickly than in the humidity of summer.

Be sure to crack a window or have proper ventilation.

Lubricate squeaky moving parts

Lubricating moving parts prevents them from wearing out. Lubricate moving parts, such as kitchen cabinets or door hinges, wheels on a dishwasher rack, and the exhaust fan over the stove

Courtesy of North American Precis Syndicate.