Thoughts about Triunfo’s grass

One might remind the petty, bothered residents near Triunfo Park that California is still in a serious drought. Selfish water use by individual homeowners should be reported.

The Conejo Rec and Park District is a leader in showing neighbors how to conserve. Too bad these ingrates can’t learn by example.

Joseph Dodge
Westlake Village

As someone who lives close to Triunfo Park and visits on an almost daily basis, I have followed CRPD’s turf-removal project at the park closely.

The park district’s representatives say turf removal is necessary to comply with the statewide water conservation mandate and that 52 percent of all grass will ultimately need to be removed.

We all recognize that California has been in a severe drought and that water conservation is an important part in preparing for a “new normal,” where drinking water may come at a premium.

However, removing turf from a park is a balancing act. Triunfo Park is a very popular park used by a large variety of groups that enjoy the green spaces for homeschooling, yoga, exercise, family reunions and the like.

CRPD appears to think the park is only used for baseball and targeted the park based on low baseball permit revenues. Comparing turf removal at other parks in the district highlights just how unbalanced the approach is at Triunfo Park, where the percentage of turf removed is roughly four times that of the average park.

To make matters worse, Triunfo Park will soon use 100 percent reclaimed water, so removing turf in the name of water conservation is highly disingenuous. CRPD is removing turf to save drinking water—from a park that uses no potable water.

It appears instead that CRPD has found a way to reduce future maintenance expenses at the park while being paid $1 per square foot in the form of turf-removal grants from the Metropolitan Water District. Removing grass is apparently a pretty profitable business, whether it saves water or not.

Marcus Jonsson
Westlake Village

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