The case against 2nd Amendment

I have enjoyed recent letters concerning the Second Amendment, and appreciate the opportunity to add my perspective regarding “the right of the People (emphasis added) to keep and bear Arms.”

The term “People” can be found elsewhere in the Constitution: first in the Preamble, in the First Amendment guaranteeing the right of the People to peaceful assembly, and in the Fourth Amendment protecting People from unreasonable search and seizure. The meaning of “People” seems pretty clear.

In addition, People such as hunters, trappers and sheep and cow herders needed arms to support their livelihoods and property. But before I am branded a guntoting NRA supporter, I will say that the right to keep and bear arms was essential in the late 1700s, but does not apply to today.

The language of the Second Amendment should not be argued; it should be repealed.

James C. Turner
Oak Park