The butcher of the tree should be fined

The butcher of
the tree
should be fined

I read your paper when I am shopping in Westlake. I wish we had a paper like this in Camarillo! Keep up the good work.

I am writing about the butchered oak tree in Calabasas. No one has addressed the real problems here. One is the person who cut the tree.

Many homeowners hire ignorant and untrained people (one who often passes—as the reference in the article states—as a "landscaper") to saw away on their trees. The second part of the problem is that a particular homeowner does not appreciate and understand the value of trees and being "cheap," they do not want to hire a trained and certified arborist to correctly prune their trees.

I am not in favor of more regulations in our life, but these so-called gardeners should come with a warning about their inability to correctly prune trees.

I see this daily in my work as a landscaper (a real one). People proudly tell me how much money they saved by having their gardeners prune their trees.

When I ask the price and compare with what a licensed arborist would have charged, I often see that they have indeed paid more to have their trees mangled. Bad cuts and incorrect timing on tree cutting can cause death-inducing beetle infestations, sunscald and rampant new growth in a tree.

What we see in Calabasas is a lack of respect for another living thing, both by the so-called gardener and the offending homeowner. I say, "Sock it to ’em."

And the person who wielded the saw should be fined, too.

A plea of ignorance doesn’t keep a speeding ticket away.

Betty Jo McDonald


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