Teenage angst

As a teen, I feel as if there is nothing to do in Agoura.

Our town is often referred to as “the bubble,” and for good reason. There seems to be nothing to do for high school/middle school students in Agoura.

The most entertaining and free options my friends and I have found are walking around, going to various stores and hanging around inside, going to parks and sitting to talk, and staying inside and watching TV. All of these options eventually get boring and can lead to trouble.

I feel like we need a place where kids can go to express themselves: perform, make art, hang out in a safe environment, play music, etc.

I think it should be run by teen volunteers—with supervision and guidance, of course—because we know what we want and enjoy.

I know that Agoura Hills has a beautiful recreation center on Ladyface Court. I feel that would be a perfect place to host events run by teens, for teens.

All in all, we need a place to be safe and express ourselves in an environment that is appealing to us.

Alex Hart
Agoura Hill