Taxed, and overtaxed

The state government does not need any more taxes for projects.

When they have enough money to build an animal bridge across the 101 Freeway and can jackhammer out perfectly good wheelchair ramps to replace them, they must have plenty of money.

I also note that they have the names of cities embedded in the concrete of the bridges along with the decorative designs. There are decorative designs in the concrete at the on- and off- ramps and they are decorating the median on Las Virgenes Road with rocks. They should be repairing the road.

There is a sign telling us that this project is our taxpayer money at work. Are there people who need to be told that? They should be telling us that it is money being spent to pay off the sign painters for their election support.

We almost outlaw smoking yet the state approves marijuana clinics. Putting smoke of any kind into your lungs cannot be healthy.

I hope all you users are happy to know that the doctor operating on you may be smoking the weed. If something goes wrong, you can just file a malpractice suit against the doctor and that will raise the cost of medical care even higher.

Los Angeles is considering painting the pavement at a cost of $41,000 per mile to cool it down by 10 degrees. An excellent palette for making doughnuts and painting graffiti. Then there are the cleanup costs.

Charles Ammann