Take Your Acorn on Vacation Photo Contest returns


Undaunted by a reported 50% increase in airfares due to surging fuel costs and staffing issues, brave Acorn travelers are saying the heck with it and hitting the tarmac anyway for the promise of a great summer getaway in the U.S. and abroad.

Drivers of recreational vehicles seem unfazed. Even with the cost of gasoline at an all-time high, the parking spaces at Emma Wood, Point Mugu, Faria, Thornhill Broome, and other beaches in southern Ventura County are filling up with vacationing RV families, even as we speak. The gas bill won’t be pretty but the views sure are.

With COVID testing and travel restrictions mostly relaxed for the first time since 2019, residents are ready to hit the road, and who can blame them?

Pandemic cabin fever has given way to wanderlust.

In 2020 and 2021, the Acorn Newspapers were keen to acknowledge that folks simply couldn’t travel because of the pandemic. But our popular Take Your Acorn on Vacation Photo Contest wasn’t scrapped entirely. We repurposed it as a Take Your Acorn on Staycation contest, although the submissions were admittedly light. The vacationing mood had, after all, turned dark.

Remember all those walks around the neighborhood, or time spent in the backyard? Unable to go to the Maui beaches or Paris cafes, our intrepid vacationers found solace at home instead. But this year is different, and families are once again traveling to famous beaches, parks, mountains, and other popular summer destinations with kids in tow.

And with those ridiculously high-tech cameras in our pockets, who isn’t taking a bazillion photos and shooting hours of videos to capture those moments of joy, awe, and good old family fun?

The Acorn Newspapers—following a more than 40-year tradition—once again invites you to share your vacation photos with readers in the community. The top 10 photos selected by our staff are posted online for a public vote. Cash prizes will be given to the first-, secondand third-place finishers as determined in a final poll taken by readers.

Competition in the vacation photo contest is fierce. We’re looking for spectacular locations, creative settings, and, most importantly, the smiling faces of readers holding their Acorn newspaper high.

Keep in mind that we require high-resolution photos—and please be sure to include your name, phone number, and address. Also include a few lines about who the people are in the photograph, where exactly they are, and what they are doing.

Vacations are an exciting time and even more fun when you can share the experience. There’s a world to explore and this summer is the perfect time to capture the moment.

So grab those tickets, pack that suitcase and tuck an Acorn inside. Send your photo submission to Vacation@theacorn.com.

Maybe we’ll even see you on road.