Support for Ted Corwin

I’d like to take this opportunity to ask you to consider Theodore Corwin, longtime Westlake Village resident and local medical practitioner, for City Council.

I’ve known Ted for more than 13 years and our families have grown and remained close during that time. I’ve never known Ted to harbor specific political aspirations. However, over the past several months he decided that he wanted to offer his time and talent to the citizens of Westlake Village by running for one of the vacant City Council seats.

I can simply describe Ted as an intelligent, compassionate and level-headed individual who will bring these superior character traits to bear on the issues affecting the citizens of Westlake Village. He will approach the issues with wisdom and truthfulness.

He enjoys intelligent debate and will be a breath of fresh air. Ted is completely approachable. He is a very pragmatic man who truly feels for the needs of others and is troubled by the games often played by lifelong politicians. He feels that lasting solutions to difficult issues are the result of thoughtful discussion and compromise.

Ted has been a resident of Westlake Village for more than 32 years and he’s witnessed significant changes. He’s had the opportunity to see how previous decisions have impacted Westlake Village and will bring a wealth of historical knowledge to his council seat.

Ted is a conscientious and informed citizen who has a tremendous amount to offer Westlake Village and it would behoove the residents to vote for him for City Council. Carl E. Lindner Agoura Hills

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