Study flawed

The Kanan Corridor traffic study includes the intersection of Kanan and Agoura roads, soon to be monetized as the Gateway to the Santa Monica Mountains and the centerpiece of the upcoming Agoura Village.

The study, however, did not address this reality. Everything that occurs at this intersection affects Kanan Road traffic the entire nine miles southward.

Kanan Road is not “just another” busy roadway. As stated in your article of March 23, Kanan Road south of the 101 is the “main route for hundreds of thousands of people visiting the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.”

It also serves thousands of daily commuters. It’s the main way in and out for the 5,000 residents of the unincorporated area.

Moreover, Kanan Road is a County Designated Disaster Route, meaning that in the event of disaster, the southbound lane must remain open to allow emergency vehicles into the Santa Monicas while it simultaneously must function as the primary evacuation route out of the area.

According to the study, 31,000 vehicles currently travel the Kanan Corridor. Agoura Village promises to add some 30,000 more.

The intersection is already overburdened mid- day and mid-week in the off-season. The report did not address the impact of seasonal beach traffic.

Wildfires are our new normal. It is imperative that the planning commission and City Council, when approving developments for Agoura Village, remain mindful that Kanan Road’s serviceability from the standpoint of safety must take priority over the profitability of its location.

Rae Greulich

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