Solve the traffic

This November we can break long-standing bad habits that threaten to clog the arteries of our city.

Two incumbents for reelection have contributed disproportionately to the disconnect between citizens and government. Never has this been truer than examining the relationships between lobbyists and council members.

Rapacious developers throughout our region know that lobbyist Brad Rosenheim is “the go-to guy” for developers who wish to impose projects on Agoura Hills.

Likewise, Rosenheim knows that until now he has had his own go-to guys. The two incumbents both voted to proceed with Cornerstone, despite antiquated environmental-impact reports and traffic studies that were more than 10 years old and current proposals that far exceed the original plan, which was only intended to represent “maximum build-out” in the first place.

This new normal is that we are first seeing the deadly combination of climate change combined with overdevelopment in the path of fires. This is manifested in the hottest July day ever recorded combined with the most destructive fires in California history.

It is common for there to be a continuous line of gridlocked cars from the Pacific Coast Highway all the way to the 101. When a fire breaks out in the canyons after developers add two massive hotels and another 20,000 cars a day, residents and motorists will be trapped.

Therefore, I support Chris Anstead and Debbie Klein Lopez for a new modern City Council who actually believe in and have the courage to act upon “the new normal,” and will place our needs ahead of greedy developers.

Larry Brown
Agoura Hills