Signatures didn’t add up on campaign flyers

As the bombardment of voters over Measure H heats up, it has become increasingly difficult to separate the campaigns by the measure’s supporters and opponents from the legitimate pro and con arguments themselves.

Unfortunately, as seems inevitable in politics, debate has devolved to mudslinging, and catch phrases and scare tactics have replaced informative discourse.

Ultimately, the issues have been so buried by the rhetoric that only the most proactive voters in Agoura Hills will feel confident in their position. The rest of us, reeling from the parade of accusations over who is funding which side and using which unfair tactic, are left scratching our heads.

And what are we left with to rely on? Well, from the pro-Measure H side—multiple advertisements on every page chock full of this helpful information: "Vote Yes on H!" And from the anti-Measure H contingent? Thankfully, they’ve provided us with an apparently substantive advertisement listing what sure looks like an impressive, and only "partial" list of community opponents of the measure. Unfortunately, on close examination, almost half (25) of the names listed in the advertisement were listed twice! Some of the supporters listed twice even had their last names shortened, or middle initial deleted, perhaps to be just a little less obvious.

Clever? Well, a list with perhaps 60 names on it sure looks more impressive than one maybe half that size.

However, that begs two important questions. First, did they think Agoura’s voters wouldn’t notice? And second, are we supposed to trust the judgment of a group that would publish a list with 25 names listed twice which it proudly touts as only a "partial" one? I’m sure those myriad proud opponents whose names couldn’t even fit in the ad were mighty disappointed to find out that they were bumped in favor of listing other folks twice. Unless those people really really oppose the measure.

Clever? Well, there may be other words to describe it. Amazingly enough, even without any more informative guidance from the pro-Measure H side than "Vote Yes on H!" I’m willing to bet Agoura’s voters can fill in that blank themselves.

Daniel Teebor

Agoura Hills

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