Agoura Hills

On Sept. 4, thieves broke into the Twisted Oak Tavern on Agoura Road, smashing a glass window, damaging drywall and prying open several doors, which caused $700 in damage. They also pried open cash registers and stole over $1,150 in cash. Security footage showed two people were responsible.

Someone stole three skateboards from the bed of a pickup truck parked at the Hampton Inn & Suites on Aug. 31. The skateboards were worth $600.

Three women stole $350 worth of Crown Royal whisky from the Ralphs supermarket on Kanan Road on Aug. 28.


On Sept. 5, someone stole an $850 bike that was locked up outside Greenleaf in the Commons.

A home on Orchid Lane was robbed between Aug. 24 and Sept. 4 while the owner was out of town. The rear door was pried open, causing $200 in damage. The owner said her furniture had been rearranged and the master bedroom closet had been ransacked. A witness said they saw two men and one woman enter the home through the front door the night of Aug. 30. The trio had food and drinks with them, the witness said. The thieves stole five purses worth over $1,200.

The night of Sept. 2 someone entered an unlocked vehicle parked on Park Hacienda and stole $20 that had been left inside.

A burglar broke into a house on Park Sorrento the night of Sept. 2. The thief pried open the rear sliding glass door, causing $200 in damage, stole a safe and the homeowner’s passport. The stolen property was worth $185.

Someone caused $ 50 in damage to a door frame when they broke into a bathroom at the Calabasas Gardens on Park Granada the night of Aug. 31.

A vandal cracked the front passenger window of a vehicle parked on Las Virgenes Road on Aug. 29, causing $400 in damage.

On Aug. 28, a thief stole $100 from a car parked outside Apollo Farms on Stokes Canyon Road. There were no signs of forced entry.

On Aug. 24, someone snatched a woman’s wallet from her purse while she ate at Toscanova in The Commons. The purse was hanging over the back of a chair. The wallet contained cash, a driver’s license and credit cards, worth $300. One of the stolen credit cards was later used to make a $2,790 purchase. An attempted charge of $2,575 was declined.

A house on Manley Court was burglarized Aug. 18. The thief smashed the glass back door of the home, causing $ 1,200 in damage, and ransacked the master bedroom. The owners reported that cash, a diamond ring and a watch, altogether worth $67,000, had been taken.

A woman’s wallet was stolen from her purse while she ate at the Corner Bakery Cafe in the Commons on Aug. 18. The woman left her purse hanging off the back of her chair and later noticed her wallet, which contained her driver’s license, credit cards, gift cards and cash, had been taken. The stolen property was worth over $2,900. The stolen credit cards were later used to make multiple purchases at several stores. The charges totaled $3,760.

Westlake Village

On Aug. 28 someone reported seeing a man enter a vehicle

parked on Belham Court. The witness said he saw someone searching through his nephew’s Honda Accord and at first assumed the person was his nephew. When the two made eye contact, the would-be thief walked away. The witness said the family routinely leaves their vehicles unlocked but do not leave anything of value inside them. He reported that nothing was taken.

A car parked outside the Westlake Village Golf Course was vandalized Aug. 25. The owner returned from a round of golf to find that someone had used the wrong key on the driver’s side door lock, causing $500 in damage.

Someone broke into a car parked outside the TJ Maxx on Thousand Oaks Boulevard on Aug. 20. The thief smashed the right front passenger window, causing $200 in damage, and took a purse that contained bank cards, gift cards and a hand-painted wooden box. The stolen property was worth $195.

A thief stole the owner’s manual from an unlocked car parked outside an apartment on Agoura Road the night of Aug. 9. The manual is valued at $100.

On Aug. 9, a person stole two purses from a car parked outside the Costco store on Lindero Canyon Road. The owner left the purses on the floor of the back seat and said thought she’d locked the vehicle but that she may have hit the ‘unlock’ button on her keys by accident. The victim lost her keys, driver’s license and several gift cards, worth a combined $3,275.