Agoura Hills

A home on Rock Creek Road was broken into and ransacked on Aug. 21. The owner left for a few hours and returned to find the burglar had smashed a glass door, causing $1,000 damage. The thief ransacked the three bedrooms, but it isn’t known if anything was taken.

On Aug. 18 someone broke into a home on Triunfo Drive by breaking the lock on a sliding glass door. The owner reported nothing was taken, but a window had been cracked as well. The criminal caused $200 damage to the home.

A person vandalized a home on Quail Run Drive between Aug. 1 and Aug. 18. The home was rented but the occupant did not arrive until

Aug. 20 and said it appeared that someone may have been living on the property. The vandal smashed light bulbs and damaged shower heads, towel rods, laminate flooring and faux firewood, causing over $1,000 damage.

On August 15 a man robbed Li Massage Therapy on Roadside Drive at gunpoint. He took $300.


On Aug. 21 a thief stole a $2,800 set of golf clubs from an unlocked car parked in the Commons.

Someone stole a $100 jewelry box from a home on Park Vicente on August 17. The thief entered the house by smashing a sliding glass door, causing $300 damage.

A home on Mulholland Highway was vandalized on Aug. 15 when someone severed a coaxial cable, damaged a water pipe and stole a $300 surveillance camera disguised as an owl. Total damage was approximately $700.

A thief broke into a locker at Calabasas Tennis and Swim Center Aug. 14 and stole a watch worth more than $5,000 and a wallet containing credit cards. There were no signs of forced entry. One of the stolen credit cards was later used to make a $2,100 purchase at an unknown location.

On Aug. 8 someone vandalized a driveway mirror at a home on Cold Canyon Road, causing $250 damage. The mirror appeared to have been shot multiple times with a BB gun.

A thief took $ 2,860 worth of tools from a construction site on Veva Way on Aug. 3. The owner was hospitalized at the time of the theft, and had left his tools at the site. By the time he returned to pick them up they had been taken. The thief took two extension cords, a tool box, a level, a grinder, a framing gun, a five-foot scope, an impact drill set, a jackhammer and a saw.

Westlake Village

A person broke into Barone’s Pizzeria on Russell Ranch Road the night of Aug. 22. The owner did

not report anything missing, and nothing was out of place. The back door had been pried open, causing $300 damage.

On Aug. 22 someone broke into Aroha New Zealand Cuisine on Russell Ranch by smashing a window. They caused $1,000 in damage. Security footage showed two people breaking into the restaurant and searching the premises, but the owner reported nothing was taken.

On Aug. 19 a man stole $2,600 of merchandise from the Target on Russell Ranch Road. An employee reported that a man came into the store, placed eight baby monitors and two Dyson vacuum cleaners into a cart, exited out the back of the store, loaded the merchandise into a black BMW and drove off.

A car parked at the Westlake Golf Course was vandalized on Aug. 16. There was $500 in damage to the driver’s side door lock.