Sheriff’s Blotter

Agoura Hills

On Aug. 9 a thief stole an electric welder and an air cutter, worth $1,100, from Southland Farm on Kanan Road. An employee reported that the tools had been left in an unlocked workshop on the property.

On Aug. 8 a burglar entered an unlocked car parked on Colodny Drive and stole a backpack, a checkbook and four pairs of designer sunglasses worth a total $850.

Someone stole two horse saddles and a hunting knife from an unlocked car parked on Captains Place on Aug. 6. The stolen property was worth over $5,000.

On Aug. 4 a car parked on Freetown Lane was ransacked by a thief who stole $10 that was left inside. There were no signs of forced entry.

On July 31 burglars broke into the Burger King on Roadside Drive by smashing a window in the dining area, causing $500 in damage. Surveillance footage shows two men breaking into the restaurant, where they pried open the cash registers and stole $180 in cash.

A thief stole a water meter and 20 inches of copper pipe from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation on Agoura Road the night of July 31. The items were valued at $2,500.


On Aug. 10 a thief stole a wallet from a purse at Le Pain Quotidien in the Commons shopping center. The purse was hanging on the back of a chair while the owner ate at the restaurant. The $130 wallet contained various credit cards, a driver’s license and $20 in Canadian currency. One of the stolen credit cards was later used to make a $2,516 purchase at the Apple store in the Topanga Mall.

A person broke into a storage container at the Commons on Aug. 6 and stole 41 propane tanks, worth a total of $1,640, that were stored inside. The thief caused $10 in damage breaking into the container.

On Aug. 5 someone broke into a car parked on Mulholland Drive by punching in the keyhole on the driver’s door, causing $100 in damage. The thief took several credit cards and $80 in cash that had been left inside.

A burglar broke into a guest’s room at Anza Hotel on Aug. 4 and stole a $250 gift bag containing women’s underwear, jewelry, lotions and a pair of sunglasses.

On Aug. 3, two homes on Park Soldi were broken into. It’s unclear if the incidents are related. In one case a thief shattered an upstairs window in the master bedroom, causing $400 in damage. The thief stole $800 in cash and a .40-caliber handgun worth $600. Someone ransacked the master closet of the second home but nothing was reported stolen. Investigators believe the thief entered the home by popping open a window screen in the dining room.

Westlake Village

A wallet was stolen from the purse of a shopper at Trader Joe’s on Canwood Street on Aug. 3. The $30 wallet contained credit cards, a driver’s license and $80 in cash. The stolen cards were later used at the Target on Russell Ranch Road to make several purchases totaling over $5,000. An additional charge of $361 was declined.

On Aug. 2 a thief stole a cellphone and wallet from the receptionist at L. Newman Design Group on Via Colinas. The wallet contained cash, credit cards and a driver’s license. The stolen property was worth $601. One of the stolen cards was later used in a $700 transaction at a nearby Target.

Two people attempted to break into a home on Foxfield Drive the evening of Aug. 1. The owner reported a man and a woman pounding on the door. The man approached a window near the front door with a towel wrapped around his hand. The homeowner shouted at the man, who saw her, ran back to his vehicle and drove off with his accomplice.

On July 30 a thief stole a backpack from a car parked in an unsecured, open carport on Robin Hood Lane. The backpack contained cash, a gift card and a pair of sunglasses, all worth $390.

Someone stole a wallet containing credit cards and a driver’s license, worth $60, from a locker at the Westlake Athletic Club on Triunfo Canyon Road on July 24.

On July 22 a shoplifter stole $1,000 worth of merchandise from the Target store on Russell Ranch Road. Surveillance footage shows a woman entering the store, loading a cart with two USB chargers, an electric hair trimmer, a case of laundry detergent, razors and an alarm clock, and pushing the cart out of the store. The woman returned 20 minutes later wearing different clothes and stole a case of shampoo, another case of detergent, six T-shirts and a rug.