Agoura Hills

On April 30, someone broke into a car in a gated apartment parking lot on Thousand Oaks Boulevard. The thief stole the vehicle owner’s remote to open the gated lot and a set of 10 chef’s knives that were in the trunk, worth $740. There was no damage to the vehicle, so it is unclear how the perpetrator gained access as the owner is certain he left it locked.

A car parked on Argos Street was burglarized the night of April 30. The owner said she’d left the vehicle locked. When she returned in the morning the front passenger window was smashed, causing $500 in damage. A $180 Michael Koors wallet had been taken.

A thief stole an electric bicycle, a pair of sunglasses, gloves and a balaclava from a garage on Skyview Way on April 12. The owner said he parked his car in the garage and saw his electric bike parked in front of the car. When he returned in the morning the bike and a bag attached to it were gone. The owner believes the thief gained access to the communal garage through a neighbor’s open door. The stolen property was worth over $4,000.


A burglar broke into the offices of Shane Financial on Ventura Boulevard the night of April 26. The criminal pried open the door to the office and stole a safe containing $15,000 in cash.

Westlake Village

On May 1, someone broke into an unlocked car parked outside a home on Glenbridge Road. The thief stole a pair of sunglasses and a gym bag worth $259.

On April 30, someone stole three T-shirts worth $90 from Tilly’s on Russell Ranch Road. An employee reported that the thief walked in, took the shirts from a display in the center of the store, concealed them in a Target shopping bag and walked out.

A thief stole $1,960 worth of merchandise from the Tilly’s store on Russell Ranch Road on April 29. An employee reported that the perpetrator walked in and grabbed several stacks of clothing from an Adidas display in the center of the store and ran out without paying. Upon reporting the incident to the corporate office, the employee was informed that the same person had stolen items from the Thousand Oaks and Oxnard stores after leaving the Westlake Village store. The thief stole 44 T-shirts, two pairs of shorts, 10 sets of women’s leggings and five women’s shirts.

A shoplifter took 10 packs of razors from the Target on Russell Ranch Road on April 19. Each pack contained eight razors. The stolen property was worth $305.