Sheriff’s Blotter



Agoura Hills

Someone broke into a car parked on Liberty Canyon Road between March 31 and April 4. The victim left the vehicle locked and returned to find the front and rear passenger windows smashed. The thief stole a plastic bag containing 20 gift cards, worth $400. The damage to the vehicle cost $300.

On March 30, two bottles of men’s cologne and two packs of cigarettes, worth $60, were stolen from a vehicle parked on Skyview Way. The owner left the vehicle in his apartment’s assigned garage. Due to repairs on the complex’s garages, the door was left up. When he returned in the morning he found papers from his glove compartment on the center console and the items missing.

A thief stole a child’s battery-powered riding car out of the garage of a home on Willow Court on March 30. The toy car was worth $569.

The night of March 28 someone stole over $900 in property from a car parked on Oak Creek Lane. The owner parked the vehicle overnight and returned to find his sunglasses, GPS, phone charger, miscellaneous clothing, ceramic dinnerware and the vehicle’s registration and manual had been taken. It’s unclear how the thief entered the vehicle, as the victim reported leaving it locked and there were no signs of forced entry.

On March 28 a thief stole $6,600 worth of property from an unlocked car parked on Medea Lane. The owner left the vehicle overnight and returned to find items missing from the center console. He later discovered property was missing from the trunk as well. The thief stole a pair of glasses, a watch, 14 golf clubs and both the vehicle’s license plates.

The morning of March 24 someone broke into a car parked outside the Sheraton Hotel. The owner had left the vehicle locked while she went to work, with her purse on the rear passenger side seat. A thief smashed the rear passenger window and stole the purse, which contained her Social Security card, driver’s license, wallet, sunglasses, credit cards and cash. The stolen property was worth $1,290. One of the credit cards was later used at the 7-Eleven on Las Virgenes Road to make a $20 purchase.

A second car in the Sheraton Hotel parking lot was broken into on March 24. The victim, an employee of the hotel, left the vehicle locked and went to work. When he returned he saw the rear passenger window had been smashed, causing $500 in damage, and that his $1,000 laptop had been stolen from the back seat.


A thief stole $2,500 worth of supplies from the Calabasas Med Spa between March 30 and April 2. The manager said the supplies— gloves, icepacks, trash bags, paper towels and medical products— were in boxes in a storage bin outside the rear of the location. The storage bin did not have a lock. The manager last saw the supplies on March 30 and noticed they were gone the morning of April 2.

On March 31 a burglar broke into a home on Park Sorrento and stole two bicycles, worth $5,000. The victim reported leaving the bikes in his apartment’s garage and securing the door around 1 a.m. He returned around 10 a.m. and found one of his bicycles on the ground in the courtyard. He found the garage door had been forced open and the two bicycles missing.

Two thieves broke into the Oral Surgery Center on Ventura Boulevard on March 30. An employee arrived at the business that morning and found that a front window had been forced open. Two Dell laptops and six Amazon Alexa devices, worth $2,900, were missing. Security footage showed two people wearing hooded sweatshirts entering the office and stealing the items. They caused $500 in damage to the property by forcing the window open.

Someone stole $115 worth of property from an unlocked car on El Canon Avenue the night of March 30. The owner left the vehicle in the garage of the apartment complex and returned to find that someone had stolen a Victoria’s Secret gym bag that contained a garage door remote and a pair of tennis shoes.

On March 29 two men stole four bottles of perfume, worth $1,220, from Sephora at the Calabasas Commons. A witness reported seeing two men enter the store, put the perfume in a backpack and walk out. A second witness said he saw one of the two men running through the bushes around the perimeter of the Commons. The thief discarded several items into the bushes and put on a wig he took out of his backpack, the witness said. Deputies searched the bushes but found nothing.

A woman who stopped to get gas at the Shell gas station on Las Virgenes Road was robbed of her purse, cellphone and keys on March 24. The victim pulled into the station to get gas, got out of the car and turned to the pump. When she looked back the items, which had been left on the front passenger seat, were missing. The front passenger door was slightly open. The stolen property was worth $2,950.

Between March 16 and 24, someone stole the exhaust muffler from a motorcycle parked on Las Virgenes Road. The owner left the vehicle in her designated parking spot and returned to find the $550 piece missing.

Someone broke into a car parked outside Lovi’s Restaurant on March 16. The victim was eating with her family when management reported several vehicles in the parking lot had been broken into. She checked her car and found the front passenger window was shattered and a bag had been taken from the front seat. The bag held a laptop, sunglasses, a cellphone charger, headphones, a makeup bag, an Amazon Kindle, clothing, two water bottles, a pair of shoes and two reusable shopping bags, worth $2,370.

Oak Park

On March 23, a burglar broke into a home in the 6100 block of Bryndale Avenue.

Westlake Village

A thief stole a package containing a $1,900 laptop from a home on Kirsten Lee Drive on March 26. The owner received a FedEx notification that the package had been delivered, but when he got home it was not there. He called the shipping center, which stated the delivery person said when he arrived at the victim’s home a man in a gray Nissan approached him and stated the package was for him. The man signed for the item and the delivery person gave it to him.

Between March 19 and 26, someone stole two folding chairs, a baseball glove and a camera lens out of the garage of a home on Summershore Lane. The homeowner left the door open during the day because her children went through it to play outside. The victim last saw the stolen items, worth $2,170, on March 19 when she was cleaning the garage.