Sheriff’s Blotter



Agoura Hills

A burglar broke into Hatch Cafe at 30651 Thousand Oaks Blvd. the night of Nov. 25. The thief smashed the glass front door, stole a $300 cash register and caused $1,500 in damage.

A vandal slashed two tires on a car parked on Yankee Drive on Nov. 16, causing $200 in damage.

On Nov. 16 a man came into the T-Mobile store on Kanan Road. When employees offered to help him, he told them he was waiting for his wife. He went outside to smoke a cigarette, and a customer reported that the man had placed several boxes of headphones inside his jacket. An employee went outside and saw the man placing the stolen items into a car before driving quickly away. The loss was estimated at more than $1,000.

An Amazon package was stolen from the doorstep of a home on Eagleton Street at 11:30 p.m. Nov. 14. The homeowner reported that when the package arrived she was too sick to retrieve it. A security camera on the property showed someone taking the $65 package during the night.


An unlocked car parked on Declaration Avenue was broken into the night of Nov. 25. The owner reported that someone stole $100 in cash and a Jamba Juice gift card.

A wallet was stolen off a table at Sugarfish restaurant at the Commons on Nov. 21. The wallet contained $20 in cash and credit cards that were later used in a $500 transaction at a Target in West Hills.

Someone broke into a car parked on Las Virgenes Road the night of Nov. 20. The car’s owner left the vehicle locked but the windows were slightly open. The thief stole a $500 wallet containing $200 in cash, bank cards and a driver’s license. The bank cards were later used at several stores in Thousand Oaks.

A thief stole $50 worth of cold medicine from the Rite Aid at 4710 Commons Way on Nov. 20. Surveillance footage showed the thief entering the store with a red backpack and wandering around before crouching in the medication aisle and putting the items into his bag. He left the store and drove away in a green Honda minivan.

The night of Nov. 19, a thief stole $1,000 in cash and a shopping bag containing $125 worth of items from an unlocked car parked on Alta Tupelo Drive.

Twelve bottles of wine were stolen from the Erewhon market on Agoura Road on Nov. 18. Video showed two thieves communicating using walkie talkies. One thief engaged store employees to distract them while the other placed the bottles into a shopping bag and walked out of the store.

A vandal smashed the rear window of a car parked on Las Virgenes Road in the middle of the night on Nov. 18. The owner said no items were missing from the vehicle and believes whoever broke into the car was scared off before they could take anything. The broken window cost $300 to replace.

A burglar broke into a house on Palmilla Drive the evening of Nov. 16. The alarm system notified the homeowner, who accessed his security camera and saw a man in baggy clothing exiting the property. The thief stole a .357 revolver and jewelry. He ransacked several rooms in the house and shattered a glass door leading to an upstairs balcony. It’s unclear how the thief entered the home.

On Nov. 5 two storage units were broken into at Calabasas Self Storage. No items were reported missing. Video surveillance shows a red Audi entering the gated premises right behind a vehicle whose driver had used an entrance code to open the gate. The Audi left the property shortly after alarms went off indicating the units had been broken into. The driver of the Audi had asked someone else to enter the access code to let them off the property. Given the timing, it is believed the driver of the Audi had broken into the units.

Westlake Village

On Nov. 23, a woman’s purse was stolen from Bogies bar. The owner left it at a table while she was dancing and didn’t notice it was missing until she left. The purse contained a wallet, driver’s license, cash and bank cards, all told worth $2,000.

Someone at tempted to steal a wallet from a woman’s purse while she was shopping at the Smart & Final on Lindero Canyon Road on Nov. 20. The thief took the wallet out of the purse while the owner’s back was turned. A witness confronted the perpetrator, who denied doing anything and walked away. The victim was reporting the theft to store management when someone turned in the wallet, which they had found on the ground in another section of the store.

A vandal threw an egg filled with blue paint into the side yard of a house on Barrett Drive the night of Nov. 15, staining the walkway and fence and causing $200 in damage

A storage unit at Storquest Self Storage, 5730 Corsa Ave., was broken into sometime between May 1 and Nov. 12. The unit’s owner said the thief stole Tiffany lamps and crystal goblets. The items were worth over $21,000