Send us your best fiction

The dog days of August shouldn’t zap your creativity.

If you think you have a knack for writing, put your creative juices to work and take part in next month’s “Fiction in a Nutshell” contest.

Here’s how The Acorn’s
popular annual competition works:

In 100 words or less, write a fiction story and e-mail it to You may also send it by mail to the address on page 4. Include your name, address, age and phone number. This
information must be included.

Make it scifi, drama, adventure, romance or anything else from the world of make believe. You’ll be judged on writing, creativity and topic. Remember, no more than 100 words, fiction only (nothing from the real world) and no poems, please. One entry per person.

“Fiction in a Nutshell” winners will be announced in two categories: under-18 and 18-and-over. Each winner will receive a $50 prize and their story will be printed in The Acorn.

All entries must be received by noon on Fri., Aug. 27. Winners will be announced Thurs., Sept. 9. (Search “Fiction in a Nutshell” at to see past winners.)

It’s not easy to tell a tall tale in a paragraph or two, but that’s the fun of it. Start those imaginations running!

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