Screenings for artery disease

West Coast Vascular will conduct free screenings for peripheral arterial disease (PAD) on Sat., Sept. 24 at various locations in Ventura County.

West Coast Vascular has offi ces at 100 N. Brent St., Suite 201, Ventura; 2486 Ponderosa Drive North, Suite D205, Camarillo; and 2166 N. Moorpark Road, Suite 101, Thousand Oaks.

PAD is a common and potentially life-threatening disease that affects approximately 1 in 20 Americans over age 50. PAD occurs when arteries in the legs become narrowed or clogged with fatty deposits or plaque, reducing blood flow to the legs. This can result in leg muscle pain when walking, disability, amputation and poor quality of life.

Having PAD can mean that other arteries, such as those in the heart and brain, may also be blocked, increasing the risk for heart attack or stroke.

The painless, noninvasive screening is the ankle-brachial index, which compares the blood pressure in the legs with blood pressure in the arms.

People should be tested for PAD if they are over 70 years old; 50 years or older and either have diabetes or smoke or formerly smoked; or under 50 years of age and have diabetes and at least one other risk factor: history of smoking, abnormal cholesterol or high blood pressure. Anyone with one or more symptoms of PAD should be screened as well.

To make an appointment for a screening, call (805) 643-3330 or visit www.westcoastvascular.

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