Says Beacon Box was child’s error

Many years ago, my daughter injured a knee at Cal State Northridge by walking into a fire hydrant. Her explanation was that the hydrant came at her at 35 mph and ploughed into her.

The reality is that she was not watching where she was walking and not walking where she was watching.

Now, some child was injured when she walked into one of the new Beacon Boxes in the area. The box was red to attract attention, but the child was not paying any attention to where she was walking.

CSUN did not remove the fire hydrant. However, Agoura Hills has removed the Beacon Box.

Because some child was not paying attention to where she was walking, the greater community is placed at risk during the next wild fire.

A better solution would be for the girl’s parents to walk with their daughter until she learns to pay attention to where she is walking.

David E. Ross
Oak Park