Safe living among coyotes

It is important to keep coyotes “wild” in our community and take steps to prevent coyote conflicts and habituation.

Coyotes are vital as they help us control rodent populations in our neighborhood. We need them to stay focused on natural food sources so we can peacefully coexist with them.

If you leave bird seed, squirrel feed or pet food out, it will attract more rodents and coyotes. This practice could impact your neighbors, who may not want more rodents or coyotes on their properties. It is also not uncommon for crows and ravens to carry peanuts and other food sources to neighbor’s homes.

Coyotes are present at all times of the day. They are most active during dawn, dusk and evening hours. You can see them in the parkland, backyards and neighborhoods.

It is never safe to leave small dogs or chickens unsupervised at any time. Walking dogs off-leash in our parkland or along our walking paths are not safe practices.

The Natural Park Service created an informative document on living with urban coyotes. You can access it at

In August, we hosted a webinar on coexisting with coyotes. Our speaker was Justin Brown, wildlife ecologist with the National Park Service. Please visit our special events page at

Carolyn Trocino
Agoura Hills

Carolyn Trocino is the director of Poison Free Agoura and co-founder of Cities Against Rat Poisons.

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