Sacramento tax grab has gotten out of control

Would any sensible person hand over their credit card to a complete stranger? What about your ATM card that included your PIN number?

No, there’s no sane person that would ever do that. Yet for some strange reason, voters have given a supermajority to a state party in Sacramento that allows them to arbitrarily raise your taxes without so much as a vote from the public.

Essentially, they can just reach into your wallet and take your money—which is precisely what they’ve been doing since the beginning of 2017—a nonstop assault on the taxpayer that included raising gas taxes and raising vehicle registration fees. That’s not to mention the variety of other taxes they’ve raised this year or that voters passed last year.

The majority of these taxes will have the greatest impact on seniors living on fixed incomes, and low-income earners.

Now they’ve suddenly devised a tax on the water that comes out of your faucet. A tax that’s so egregious, it’s prompted LVMWD to not only condemn it, but to advise residents and business owners they’re once again getting hosed by the tax-and-spend ruling elite democrats in Sacramento.

The question is: Will voters ever wake up and put an end to this? Or will they continue to let this dominate party and their supermajority rule to continue its abuse of California taxpayers?

Brett Woodmansee