Public transit needs work

It is nice to know that we have new council members in Agoura Hills and a Calabasas city manager (Dec. 4 Letters) with declared commitments and programs for the betterment of the area and nearby communities.

Being new government officials, they may have time to look into the needs and problems that call for action which past government officials overlooked or failed to address, which I heard from residents of the area. I am referring to prices of commodities and public transportation vital to all concerned.

As an example of prices, residents say they cannot understand why a pound of bananas costs 65 cents in the area while the same kind of banana costs 25 cents a pound in downtown Los Angeles, when they say it is easier to deliver the commodities in the area than in the city of Los Angeles. And this is about bananas only, but the price problems also apply to other commodities.

About transportation from the Topanga Canyon-Ventura Blvd. intersection, MTA buses run on almost hourly intervals, a long wait for Calabasas-Agoura Hills-Westlake-Thousand Oaks, etc. passengers, many of whom come from the Metro Red train station in Universal City.

For public convenience, cannot Metro Red buses or MTA buses running through Ventura Blvd., from the Universal City MTA train station, make direct trips to the Thousand Oaks area, via Calabasas-Agoura-Westlake routes on Saturday, Sunday and holidays, when LADOT buses are not available?

It is hoped that the newly installed city manager and councilmen of the above-mentioned communities, together with all the well-meaning leaders, activists and residents thereof, will find time to evaluate and take necessary action on the matters, which greatly affect all concerned. As someone said in Sacramento, we need "action, action, action. . . ."

I have been reading The Acorn for several years, and I find it, especially the Letters to the Editor, very informative and entertaining.

To the newly installed public officials, congratulations! To The Acorn, more powers and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year for all your worthy endeavors.

John S. Serra

Los Angeles

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