Phone calls were deceptive

Phone calls
were deceptive

Congratulations to Agoura Hills for a successful victory on Measure H. It was a hard-won uphill battle.

I’d like to comment on some of the deceptive campaign practices I’ve been hearing about from opponents of the measure.

Although I myself wasn’t the recipient of these calls, I have enough friends and associates who were, to give rise to great concern about the integrity of the entire process.

The phone calls went like this: "Are you for or against having Home Depot in Agoura?" If the person said against, the caller would say, "Good, then vote no on Measure H."

This, of course, was a bold-faced lie.

If you didn’t want Home Depot coming to town, the correct vote was yes on Measure H.

To deliberately deceive the voters of this town cannot be justified for any reason, no matter how much you want to win or what your bottom line is.

Fortunately, there were enough of us standing on street corners and calling our neighbors and friends in between our household and child-rearing duties that we were able to explain to people the truth about what a "yes" and a "no" vote actually meant.

I say thumbs down to the out-of-town phone banks lying to the people of our community.

And I say thank you to the good voters of Agoura Hills. You made the right choice. You voted to keep the integrity of our lovely town, keep our property values and not clog up Kanan Road with over 12,000 more cars daily.

Taryn Braband


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