People travel far and wide for Acorn photo contest



The Acorn has always been the people’s paper, a weekly forum for local news, events and opinion. With the decades-old Take Your Acorn on Vacation Photo Contest, the world has become their oyster.

The longstanding popular contest asks readers to bring their Acorn along the next time they visit a place far away—or even one close to home—and take a snapshot of themselves that can be entered into the newspaper’s annual vacation photo contest.

And, oh, the places we’ve been!

Across the seven continents we’ve seen mountains, deserts and underwater spectacles; caves, craggy peaks and volcanoes; and tombs, towers and quirky capital cities.

Pictures with exotic animals are big, as are shots with native residents dressed in colorful, traditional garb.

The possibilities are endless, as the photo to the right will attest.

Some brave souls like to engage in photo participation. For example, the act of bungee jumping off a high cliff with an Acorn in hand or the donning of scuba gear for a trip that takes the newspaper (protected by plastic, of course, because nobody likes a soggy Acorn) into the ocean far below.

All of this just to say that while this year’s contest is now closed, you can still be part of the fun by voting for the first-, second- and third-place winners. You heard correctly. Readers are picking the best pix. Starting next week, visit to cast your vote online.

The announcement of this year’s top photos will be made Thurs., Oct. 5. If you’re not a finalist, that’s OK. Just think of us the next time you go on vacation, and thanks for taking The Acorn along for the ride.