Parking, barking

After taking my rescue dog, Lucky, to the dog park on Avenida de Los Flores for the past three years I decided to visit the new dog park on Agoura Road in Westlake Village. What I found was a much smaller but well-manicured park with all green grass. And one nice comfort over Los Flores is that the City of Westlake Village put in nice tables to sit at with roofs to block the sun we’re currently getting and the rains to come in the future.

But the one thing the new Westlake Village dog park has not provided is handicap parking spaces of any kind, which the Conejo Recreation and Park District has at its dog parks.

So I’m hoping that our park people will take care of to this need in the immediate future. I had my handicap sign but I had to park a half a block away on my first visit.

David Mirisch
Westlake Village