It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved Paco on Jan. 9, 2019. Paco was a truly incredible dog and we loved him so much. We were blessed to have him by our side for the past 8½ years. He came into our lives unexpectedly when he was between 4 and 6 years old.

Not much is known about his early years, but judging by his demeanor and circumstances, we doubt that they were good. Paco had been in and out of the pound and was finally adopted by the next door neighbor to be a guard dog.The man traveled frequently and Paco was often left alone to watch the house. It was during this time that our mom met and fell in love with Paco. In the summer of 2010 the man abandoned his house and Paco as well, so my parents rescued him.The rest is history.

There were challenges due to his neglect and the distrust he had of humans, but with training, patience and love, Paco blossomed into the most amazing dog ever. He was not only extremely handsome, but incredibly smart, loving, brave and fiercely loyal. He watched over Mom while she was fighting cancer and they meant the world to each other. Ironically, Paco is a Spanish nickname for Frank, which happened to be her father’s name.

After her passing, he took care of Dad and was happiest when the family was all together.

Paco loved playing ball and taking long walks through the hills of his neighborhood.

As the years passed, arthritis slowed him down and eventually a degenerative spinal condition paralyzed one hind leg. We knew that his daily outings meant the world to him, so we built him a cart to ride on. Paco absolutely loved it! He couldn’t wait to get on and go for his nightly ride. He always looked so dignified, like a king sitting on his throne. In spite of his situation, he was still a tough guy and usually had something to say to any dogs that crossed his path. Seeing them and all the neighbors out walking was always a highlight for him. He especially loved seeing his young girlfriend, Sway.

We are heartbroken to lose Paco and miss him deeply. He went through so much, but had the most beautiful, strong spirit. He was truly amazing. He is our angel and is in our hearts forever. We take comfort in knowing that he and Mom are together once again.

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