Organizations asked to host blood drives

Red Cross helps with planning


To help meet the constant demand for blood donations and prevent blood shortages this winter, the American Red Cross is asking individuals and organizations to host a blood drive.

The Red Cross needs about 200 additional hosts to sponsor local blood drives in December, January and February.

The decrease in the number of blood drives during the winter can contribute to blood shortages.

More than 80 percent of blood donations are made at blood drives hosted by volunteers. A Red Cross representative works with the host to organize the drive, providing planning assistance, tools to recruit blood donors, equipment and supplies as well as the trained staff needed to screen donors and collect donations.

Blood drive hosts provide a large, open location as well as identify volunteers to support donor recruitment, and recruit and schedule blood donors.

Blood drive partners who host a drive between Dec. 20 and Jan. 6 will receive long-sleeved Red Cross T-shirts for all who come to give.

Partners that achieve their donation goal will be recognized in a national newspaper highlighting their lifesaving work.

To host a blood drive, visit

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