Oppose SB 827

The Calabasas City Council voted unanimously to oppose SB 827, a state bill that would overhaul local zoning rules and lead to higher housing density around transit corridors.

We will be sending a letter to the state Senate and the League of California Cities to register our formal opposition.

As of this morning, the League has received letters of opposition from a number of California municipalities. Please keep in mind that we are in the relatively early stages of the proceedings and this list is likely to grow.

This list only includes those cities that have taken the initiative to actually send copies of their letters to the League. I have been informed by the League that there are many other cities that have taken votes in opposition to SB 827, but have not sent letters. I will be receiving updated lists periodically.

Meanwhile, note that the City of Agoura Hills is included in the list, as is the California Contract Cities Association.

The League is the largest organization of municipalities in California, while Contract Cities is the second largest. There are 482 cities in the state, all of which belong to the League. None, according to the League, has voted to support the legislation.

James Bozajian

Bozajian is a Calabasas City Council member.