Open space needs Agoura’s cooperation

In your story on Triangle Ranch (Nov. 2), I may have given your reporter the wrong message about the contribution of Los Angeles County to the protection of open space around Agoura Hills, and indeed throughout the Santa Monica Mountains in general.

To set the record straight, Los Angeles County, through the various measures sponsored by Supervisors Edelman and Yaroslavsky, has been the single most generous contributor toward open space and park preservation in the Santa Monica Mountains in the last 20 years.

Indeed, when Triangle Ranch was being considered for zoning approval there were more significant acquisitions to be made so the county’s actions were entirely appropriate in that context.

Today, however, we have the opportunity to act afresh without regard to the past, however justified the county’s actions were back then.

It is in that spirit of innovation that we are going forward. We can do it if the city of Agoura Hills is our partner.

Joe Edmiston

Edmiston is executive director of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy.