On grounds to oppose Cornerstone

In response to the March 14 letter written by David Lebowitz regarding the lawsuit filed against the city and developer over the Cornerstone project—if one were to read the lawsuit they would find that the developer has not done their homework and that the project does not comply with the Agoura Village Specific Plan.

This is, in fact, the grounds for the lawsuit. Reasonable development that is in compliance with city ordinances and the Agoura Village Specific Plan is exactly what most people favor.

The concern that “strip malls, large parking lots, office parks and apartment complexes” will come to Agoura Hills if the lawsuit prevails is somewhat ironic in that the Cornerstone Project is all those things rolled into one.

While much has been made of Cornerstone serving as a “town center,” there is nothing in the Cornerstone Project that is designated as such.

Cornerstone is a private development and, according the information available online, the public areas of this project are quite limited.

Rae Greulich