Oak Park, Rancho Simi standoff

The Acorn article about Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District and the Oak Park Unified School District concerns me. From what I read, several things are wrong about both sides of this issue.

First of all, Rancho Simi apparently was making a substantial profit from operating the AM-PM Program in Oak Park. As I understood the article, much of that profit was then diverted to the district’s operations in the Simi Valley.

Long ago, however, there was an agreement that revenues raised in Oak Park would be applied only to operations in Oak Park.

Then there is the issue of Rancho Simi having a contract with the Oak Park United School District for grounds maintenance at Oak Park schools.

If the loss of AM-PM revenues means Rancho Simi can no longer afford to provide that service, it also means that the OPUSD was not paying Rancho Simi the full cost of that service.

Effectively, the parents of young children in the AM-PM Program were paying for the OPUSD grounds maintenance, not merely for the cost of childcare provided by Rancho Simi.

Is a fee for one service actually paying for an unrelated service not a violation of California law?

David E. Ross Oak Park