Not impressed with Acorn’s Calabasas coverage

I was very disappointed with your article on Calabasas in 2017 by Ian Bradley. I have also talked with others who felt the same way.

Compared to the Agoura Hills article, it was mean-spirited and full of errors. I would respectfully request that you, at least, require that your contributors fully investigate what they write about and not just print any old “fact” that is not, in reality true.

For example:

The Paxton project has been ongoing for many years and did not start in 2017.

The Lost Hills Bridge widening was begun in 2015 and had nothing to do with the lawsuit you mention. In fact, it had been planned for many years.

That lawsuit involved one child, not two, and was rejected by the city and county. No one else in the community or any workers on the site contracted botulism, ever.

I have noticed this dearth of truthful facts many times in the past with contributors/writers of articles for The Acorn. It is expected in letters to the editors, but not in the reporting staff’s production.

In fact, one time, I was interviewed for an article and was astounded at how my words were rewritten and changed/falsified in the production article. Really soured me on being interviewed by any Acorn writer.

Please make a more comprehensive effort to fact-check your articles before printing them in your publication for all to see and believe as truth.

I’m hoping that you have the courage to print this and do not change it without consulting with me. I will keep a copy to verify.

Thanks for your attention to this problem

Candice Weber

Editor’s note: The Acorn stands by all of its City of Calabasas news articles and the accuracy of their content.