No cuteness with puppy mills

The cruelty behind the cuteness: Puppy mills may look innocent, but they keep the poor animals in horrible conditions.

For example, some puppy mills have grate floors, so when the puppy pees, it goes to the floor. The puppies are usually infested with fleas. They are unbrushed and kept in cages so small they can barely turn around.

They may think when you buy them you are “rescuing them,” but you are actually just freeing up space for another puppy to come in. In addition, you are supporting these cruel factories.

Also, if a dog at the factory doesn’t breed for a while, they will kill the dog. No dog on earth deserves this treatment.

This is unnecessary and cruel. My point and goal is to get people to not support these horrible factories.

And be aware most puppies at pet stores are from puppy mills. It is much better to adopt dogs and puppies from shelters and rescues.

Everly Graves
Agoura Hills

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