Mulwood’s objection

I know I shouldn’t be surprised at what is and isn’t considered news these days, but I am.

The March 21 Acorn carries a front page story about Mulwood’s not re-joining the Las Virgenes Homeowner Federation. As a well-known critic of LVHF, I can say without fear of correction that the same vote has been taken almost every year for the last 10 years. I’ve been voted down every time.

For the past year, Mulwood has provided its LVHF delegate a series of informational questions about the organization, and most particularly its newsletter. The replies to Mulwood’s questions were, for the most part, found wanting. Hence, Mulwood has not paid its 2013 dues, but also has been mulling its final decision.

In the meantime, LVHF’s board became aware of Mulwood’s ongoing discussions. Not wanting to be the source of continuing friction, LVHF informed Mulwood’s delegate in mid-February that its membership would not be renewed for 2013. Essentially, both groups agreed to disagree. Mulwood president Steve Holzer explained this during the March 7 directors’ meeting.

Councilmember Bozajian attended the meeting as a guest as he frequently does, announcing his desire to address the group about our membership, which was on our agenda for finalization. As a courtesy to him, and to Mulwood resident and Councilmember Gaines, Councilmember Bozajian stated his objections to LVHF and its newsletter’s treatment of him and others.

Karmen Brower


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