Mouthpiece for school district?

Wow, Acorn. I had no idea that you allow elected LVUSD officials to write your editorials for you. If I run for the LVUSD board and win, can I write a future editorial as well?

Your May 19 piece in support of the White Oak (school) fence pretty much cites word for word every shallow talking point the school board and superintendent have made over the last few weeks.

You claim that a fence will stop an active shooter (news flash, it won’t). You reference the 2018 and 2022 safety audits and “multiple emails in support of the fencing,” none of which have been shared publicly.

You did not put any critical thought into that piece and you are blindly accepting the words of a very deceitful LVUSD board.

My family, along with many others, have donated thousands of dollars to White Oak over the years because the district doesn’t have sufficient funding to provide our children with classroom aides, PE teachers, music teachers, reading specialists, art trek, etc. But now the district can suddenly spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to put up a massive, iron fence?

Let’s be honest: The lack of a fence around White Oak is not a safety issue for our children—it’s a liability for the LVUSD board, and they are installing it to protect themselves, not our children.

They have been acting like autocrats through this whole process and The Acorn is now behaving like state-run media. Do better.

Casey Smith
Westlake Village