Man with ‘knowledge of explosives’ arrested for threatening Oak Park schools

TheVentura County Sheriff’s Office arrested a 74-year-old Agoura Hills man in connection with making criminal threats against the Oak Park School Unified District over the recent death of his son.

Deputies joined officers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and located Morton Green in Laughlin, Nev. where they took him into custody on July 10.

According to his Facebook page, Green held the school district responsible for the June 2 death of one of his sons. The medical examiner’s preliminary diagnosis was the son accidentally overdosed on a combination of pain medicine and sedatives, a family member said.

The school district closed all campuses on July in response to the threat, which read: “The Oak Park, California School district, their faculty, administrators, and football coaches illegally, unethically and without any morals allowed anti-Semitic (sic) and child abuse to continue for his entire football year. He was assaulted and battered by those who brought it upon themselves to hurt my son.”

Green went on to say: “With his sudden death June 2 it now allows me to be free, to use any, and all means possible, to seek justice for my son. Anything, and everything is on the table now. How, will be my choice, not theirs. . . . Someone asked me what I planned to do for those responsible for my son’s death? The anger I have, and my knowledge of explosives, and shooting gives me so many different options.”

Green dedicated the Facebook post to his late son, Robert Brian Green.

The elder Green was booked into custody at the Tucker Holding Facility in Laughlin awaiting extradition to California. His bail was set at $100,000.

All Oak Park campuses reopened on July 12.

Leslie Heilbron, Oak Park assistant superintendent, said in a communication to parents, “I have been assured that (the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office) will increase patrols near our campuses, out of an abundance of caution.”

The Acorn reported in 2000 that Robert Green had charged former Oak Park football coach Dick Billingsley and assistant Dennis Ritterbush with harassment over the length of his hair during the 1995 junior varsity season. The family filed a lawsuit. Two previous lawsuits by Green against the district reportedly were thrown out of court. Robert Green transferred out of the school district.

The father agonized during the ensuing years over the alleged abuse of his son at Oak Park, but said, “Hurting yourself, or killing yourself won’t change anything.”

At one point the sorrow turned to anger.

“They took his life away, now it is time to see if they still think it was funny abusing my son,” Morton Green said on his Facebook page. “No one knows the anger, and pain I suffer now, or then. The trick of using explosives is to be not around when they go off,” Green said.