Likes pet law

The new law prohibiting pet stores from buying animals from breeders does not target pet stores, it only forces them to do the right thing that they should be doing already and get their animals from shelters or rescue groups.

Instead of complaining about it, they should embrace it, make friends with shelters and rescues and invite them to show their animals in their store.

Trust me, if they did this, they would get all the good will and publicity from the rescues instead of the bad mouthing they get now because they get animals from puppy/kitten mills.

No responsible breeder will simply hand over their animals to a pet store to sit in cages and be bought by anyone who can write a check, but puppy mills and backyard breeders will. They don’t care what happens to the animals as long as they make money on their lives. This is what has to stop.

Allowing shelters and groups to show animals in their stores makes things easier for the stores anyway as they won’t have to keep them in cages 24/7, feeding, cleaning and caring for them every day and then getting irate customers when/if the pets get sick.

Let the shelters and rescues do all the work and take all the responsibility. Honestly, this is a wonderful thing for pet stores, if they would just look at it in the proper light.

And if they don’t want to do that, let them close down and good riddance.

Jo Ventresca
Agoura Hills