Letter writer lied about emails from the group that opposes Home Depot

Letter writer lied about emails from the group
that opposes Home Depot

In an Acorn letter to the editor dated July 12 from a Keith F. Cornell, he said that I sent emails to him requesting that he "organize an anti-Home Depot coalition." He goes on to say that I made quotes "about our upper-income area and how we don’t want to be inundated with riff-raff."

The truth is that I never sent any such emails to Mr. Cornell or anyone else. What tipped me off to this being phony is that I don’t use language like that.

I challenge The Acorn to ask Mr. Cornell to produce copies of these emails and then publish them. Why? Because Mr. Cornell has made it all up.

The emails from which he quotes simply don’t exist.

The only emails that I send out to Agoura residents and voting citizens are either dry announcements about upcoming city council events, schedules of committee meetings or notices about the legal requirements that refer the upcoming ballot initiative and petitions signatures restricting retail buildings to a maximum of 60,000 sq.ft.

In addition, the only people who get emails from me regarding these announcements are those individuals who have specifically asked in writing to receive them.

I am happy to debate anyone, at any time, about the wisdom of allowing a 130,000-sq.ft. "big box" retailer to be built in the heart of Agoura Hills, be it a Home Depot, Wal-Mart or any other retail giant.

The tenor of this important debate should center on the facts and the real issues of traffic, bridge and overpass capabilities, environmental impact and quality of life in Agoura Hills, and not on lies or phony quotes created in someone’s fantasy world that cannot be substantiated in fact either by the author of the letter or by The Acorn, which did not check out the veracity of the letter before publishing it.

Al Abrams


Citizens for Responsible Growth

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