Letter writer decries liberal leadership

When I when I went to school in So Cal, our school system was ranked second in the nation, and now I believe that we are ranked 48th.

This is a result of our liberal leadership creating teachers who can’t be fired, and providing the only path to higher salaries through management.

Eight years ago I was infected with a virus that attached to my lower spine and tried to kill me. Had I been in any other medical system, Canada or Europe, I would have died, because by the time they would have diagnosed the problem it would have been too far advanced to do anything about it.

Explain why people in Canada with extreme medical problems come here for treatment.

Letter writer Larry Brown’s reference to the corrupt GOP tax plan only demonstrates his lack of understanding of the current tax law.

If a C-corp. elects to retain profits instead of paying them out to the shareholders (an LLC can make the same election), then those retained profits are taxed at 21 percent federally, but they are now assets of the C-corp. and must be used for the benefit of the C-corp. If the profits are later distributed to the billionaires, they will be subjected to double taxation (21 percent the first time and 53 percent the second time), that totals 74 percent. I don’t see that as a beneficial result.

Funny you should mention Venezuela, because before it succumbed to liberal thinking, it was the fourth most vibrant economy in the would.

Let’s not forget Detroit, which in the 1920s was the second best ranked city in the world, and now you wouldn’t want to live there.

Last but not least, our illustrious leaders told us that California is doing well financially because last year we had a $18-billion surplus, but they neglected to tell us that with our unfunded pension and infrastructure liabilities we are $1.8 trillion in debt.

Talk about fake news.

Chris Ashoff
Westlake Village

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